Figaro Dinner

Figaro Dinner

Figaro had been, kind of, our go to place these past few weeks when there’s no dinner at home and sis and I wants to go to a place that doesn’t have anything at all to do with fried chicken. The kids enjoyed the ride going there so they didn’t mind…plus there’s always cake.

And because of this, I started having a few favorites in this coffee shop that I didn’t go to before….

Figaro Dinner

This is the one I’m talking about. No doubt this Pasta A la Carlo{₱199} is one of the best sellers. It’s the perfect balance of spicy, tangy, salty and sweet! Add a lot of grated parmesan and it’s irressistible…

We’ll always be in the mood for Red Velvet Cake, so a slice before dinner only whetted our appetites. Another that has become my favorite at Figaro is the Calamansi Shake.

Sis had the Breakfast Sampler of tapa, bangus, longganisa and rice which the kids loved. We had to make an additional order for a full plate of this Longganisa.

The kids loved the longganisa because it’s a bit sweet. I could give each of them a Shure mic and they won’t stop raving about it.

Hmmmnn… I actually forgot the name of this mini-loaf. It’s sort of a like a mellowed down fruit cake that is also dense and moist.

I’m afraid I haven’t seen the last of this Figaro branch… I just don’t like parking in this place very much….

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