Matcha Green Tea Latte

Matcha Green Tea Latte |

Matcha Green Tea Latte |

Why, hello December!

I think you arrived too early. Where did all the time go?

At the beginning of the year, I thought of saving up for all the things that I would like to buy and all the places I would love to go to celebrate another year of getting older.Things like a camera upgrade, a new lens or a cheap new mobile phone that will cater to these new social needs I’m having…

And places like Davao, Singapore and, well, Middle Earth {just kidding on this one}….

But a few circumstances– and my bank account— says I would have to forget about all that, so I’m thinking a small celebration will do and I will just make my own birthday cake …. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

So, in order for me not to freak out about being unable to buy that really expensive camera lens… I just fixed myself a steaming cup of Matcha Latté and paired it with the über yummy French Macarons from Sweet Bella.

Keep Calm, self, there’s next year….

Matcha Green Tea Latte |

Two weeks ago, I bought myself some really fragrant Matcha powder in the hope of making this gorgeous Matcha Chocolate Loaf I saw.

The next day, I found myself opening a carton of milk and making myself some green tea latté.

The day after that, the green tea latté was paired with a big pack of Boy Bawang while I watch a few episodes of my favorite tv series. Weird combo, I know, but at that time it tasted so right.

I can’t seem to get enough of this hypnotic brew!

I’m guess I will have to buy a new can of Matcha powder for the loaf then….


Green Tea {Matcha} Latte

  • Author: The Peach Kitchen


  • 1 tsp Matcha Powder
  • 23 cups milk
  • 2 tbsp honey


  1. Heat milk either in the microwave or stove top until just before it starts to boil.
  2. Stir in the Matcha powder and the honey.
  3. Just add more honey if you prefer it sweeter and more Matcha powder for that strong Matcha flavor.

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9 Responses

  1. I found some matcha hidden in the pantry so I’m definitely making this in the morning!  Thanks!

  2. Oh!  This cup of matcha latte looks perfect now…beautiful picture.
    Have a great week 🙂

  3. Did you say Matcha?  I’m in!  I’m going to make it tomorrow morning… if I make it now I won’t be able to sleep. 🙂  Looking forward to a cup of Matcha Latte tomorrow morning!

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