New Year’s Eve Camping Party to Welcome 2013

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

How was your New Year? Ours was AWESOME!

We decided to welcome it with a Camping Party! [WARNING: Photo Overload]

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

We started out early and put up some tents. We had this Igloo tent which peanutbutter brought home a couple of years ago, a Hello Kitty tent sis bought and a makeshift tent made from one our plastic tables wrapped with a large piece of brown cloth.

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

And what is a Camping Party without S’mores?

Smores is our first food for the day! We had different flavors of marshmallows to go with ours. We had strawberry beehive marshmallows, grizzly bears marshmallows, flower marshmallows, and vanilla marshmallows.

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

For the cookies, we had oreos and graham. For the chocolate, we had Hershey’s {of course!} and Nutella!

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

The kids are wearing polka dots to represent the money flowing in the coming year!

I love s’mores and just couldn’t stop eating it until we ran out of chocolate….

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

We also had some chocolate Fire Logs, Gummi Snakes, Twigs and Goldfish around…

Because of all the sweets, I kept the personalized acrylic tumblers filled with cold water.

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

The kids went fishing too! They fished for for real fishes….

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

..and plastic ones from the fish pond we set up.

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

There was no need to worry because we have a whole can of Bait lying around…..

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

We used it until we have a bucket full of the fresh Catch of the Day.

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

I also made some Barbecue Grill Cupcakes which I will tell you more about in the following days…

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

Meanwhile, in our real-life grill, Kuya Noel is in charge of grilling the hotdogs….wait, where is Kuya Noel??

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

We grilled some beef, chicken, chicken with cheese and footlong hotdogs…

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

Hotdog Condiments and sodas

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

Hotdog Sandwich

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

We also had grilled corn after the hotdogs. These small pieces of boiled ones were for the kids…

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

All for one and one for all!!!

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

We had some Foiled Dinner heated over the grill by night fall.

New Year's Eve Camping Party |

We didn’t have any sparklers or fire crackers this year. We just played with lights… and some trumpets.

It was some really good partying for the first day of the year!

I guess there will be a lot more great parties in 2013, huh?

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15 Responses

  1. this is such a brilliant idea! i wish there were more kiddos around so we can do a camping party, too! 

    as always, i love the creative food you prepared, sis, hopefully some of that creativity will rub on me so that my little man will eat more solids this year!

    happy new year to y’all! ^_^

  2. This is such a wonderful idea! The kids look like they had so much fun!  Yes I would love to know about your Barbeque Grill Cupcakes. Sounds like they are fun to make also =D

  3. You all look so happy! I wish I could camp outside my house too!
    Happy New Year!


  4. would you be kind enough to invite my little man on your next party? am sure he will enjoy all the fun + colorful activities that you have! ^_^

  5. Wow your New year party really rocks….Those foods are really looking delicious also…

  6. A camping party to greet the new year? How innovative and exciting especially for the kids!  Your pictures showed just shows how prepared you were.

  7. Happy New Year!  What a fun party.  I can see everyone had a great time there with wonderful food as well.  Wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous 2013.  🙂

  8. You are amazing!  You really know how to throw a GREAT party!!  I love all of your creative ideas (I think you are genius!).  The bbq grill cupcakes are awesome!  

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