Pretty Canapés

At a party, you would always find me marveling at the pretty Canapés that is being served around by the waiters and waitresses.

I find them very inspiring. You know that whoever made those pretty things, made it with time, effort and love.

Yes, those tiny sandwiches are quite easy to do but you have to make a whole lot of them because one sandwich equals one bite.

And making a gazillion pieces of sandwiches requires patience.

This is the set of Canapés that we had last New Year’s Eve and mostly it was made from the ingredients that we already have for the other dishes like salami, cream cheese, parsley, tomato and chives.

To make these beauties, I used:

Wheat Bread
Cream Cheese with garlic used on the Warm n’ Crispy Pizza Bites
Smoky Cheese
Sun-dried Tomato flavored cheese

From Left to right:

1. Wheat Bread shaped into rectangles using a cookie-cutter, filled with garlic cream cheese then wrapped in chives.

2. Flattened strip of wheat bread, with salami and garlic cream cheese in the middle, rolled, topped with a cube of smoky cheese and sealed with a decorative stick.

3. Flat pretzels topped with a little garlic cream cheese, chopped salami, chopped parsley and a small strip of tomato.

4. Wheat Bread shaped into square using a cookie-cutter, topped with Sun-dried Tomato flavored cheese and a star-shaped smoky cheese.

5. Wheat Bread shaped into circle using a cookie-cutter, topped with a little garlic cream cheese, rolled salami and an olive, then sealed with a decorative toothpick.

Hope to see these beauties in one of your future parties….

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14 Responses

  1. Cute! I’m sure kids and even the kids-at-heart will love how fun and attractive these look, and by your description mukhang masarap! 🙂

  2. those are some really lovely appetizers!  they’re SO sophisticated and classy, but tasty too. 🙂

  3. Kung ganito ang handa, for sure bloated ako nung new year. Maganda na, looks yummy pa. I love the one with olives. Because I love olives and I seldom have it. Pero kapag pasta and pizza dish sa restaurant, laging yung may olives and in-order ko hehehe.

    Handmade lang ba yung toothpick mo? 

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