Food Find: Kitkat Peanutbutter & Hazelnut Cream

Have a break.

That’s what I told myself minutes after I found out that one of my recent posts had disappeared. That was the last straw, after many downtimes from the past months and two posts that had disappeared, I decided it was time to change my host provider.

But before I could even dwell into that, I had to blow off some steam. I did my laundry… with feelings {LOL!} I shouted at the top of my lungs inside the house.

Then, I got some comfort food. What else would that be? Of course, it’s chocolate! But not just any other chocolate.

I found these two imported KitKat Flavors at the local convenience store and I knew I had to buy them. Such a rare find at a convenience store, I tell you.

Y’all know how crazy I am for peanutbutter, well that’s for the real peanutbutter and my peanutbutter♥ of a husband, and chocolate-hazelnut flavors…so I even if I’m trying to avoid chocolates, I gave in…

I’m glad I did because the sticky peanutbutter and hazelnut cream that tops each wafer that’s covered in chocolate is more than enough to pacify my feelings.

Yup, it was like I am being hugged by giant peanutbutter and hazelnut-chocolate people….

The Peach Kitchen is back to its senses…

And now, I think I shall be looking for the best yoga mat so I could burn up those chocolate calories…

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7 Responses

  1. I didn’t know Kit Kat has different variants. Maybe I wasn’t just able to notice since I don’t really go to chocolate section when I’m doing grocery. Haha.

  2. Wow chocolates! i always love kitkat too, they’re the best! Maybe because of the awesomeness of wafers but with flavor such as peanut butter and hazelnut cream, they made kitkat at its best!

  3. Kit Kat is one of my favorite brand of chocolate. I also want to try this new flavors. I am craving kitkat at this moment just by looking to your photo.

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