Why You Should Embrace the Internet and Not Be Afraid of the Security Aspects

As a Mum, you want to protect your children when they are out in the world, and for some people this also means while they are on the Internet. There  is a huge array of threats and issues that are connected with the Internet, however, this is also an excellent way to learn and develop. If you are careful and understand security, you should encourage your children to use the Internet as much as possible.

The Internet is available everywhere, and on a huge amount of different mobile devices, meaning that your children are likely to have access to the Internet every day. There is no reason to be afraid of this educational platform, and you need to attempt to use it to your benefit. Children love to learn through play, and there are many websites which can encourage development.

Before you allow your children to be free on the Internet, you need to ensure that you understand the dangers and that you have the best security in place. There are several security packages available, making the decision process daunting. However, if you take your time, and assess the options you will discover that there is one suited to your needs and budget.

Alongside the best security you need to ensure that you teach your children the dangers of the Internet, and how to prevent issues. Passwords should always be considered carefully and never given to other people. Changing these often will help to deter hackers, and taking your time to think of a combination of letters and numbers is ideal.

Browsing safely may seem obvious; however, you need to teach your children the sites that they can look at, and ones that pose dangers. If you are unsure of the site, you should never open the link as this is the easiest way for hackers to infiltrate your computer. You should try to use a secure SFTP server and always take the time to assess the website.

Once the correct security is in place, you will confident that you can allow your children to use the Internet for both homework, and pleasure. This is the ideal way to keep in touch with friends and family, and can open up a whole new world to your children. If they are grown up enough to accept the rules, and responsibility of the Internet they will enjoy it far more.

Busy Mums cannot be expected to watch over their children at all times, but with the best security in place, you will feel confident that they are safe. You can monitor what they are browsing, and guide them to better, safer sites in the future. Having the best security in place, will provide you with peace of mind that both your data and children are secure.

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3 Responses

  1. that’s good security feature.. lalo na that my boys are now into computer games at FB games. 

  2. I think I need an SFTP server, too. While I’m home all of the time, my work keeps me really busy, and I can’t really monitor all the websites that my 6-year-old son can access. 

  3. internet has really allowed for us mums to live a convenient life + earn, too, even in the confines of our home while taking care of our children. it has been one of the basic necessities of living in this day and age. some people might be put off by security issues, given that identity theft and account-hacking is also rampant online, but it is good to know that there are measures we can take to prevent these from happening to us…

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