Grandmomma’s Kitchen for Delicious, Home-Style Comfort Food

I know what you must be thinking. OMG.

That’s what my first thoughts are when I saw my Roast Beef. I got excited in anticipation. The marbling of the fat against the meat, the drippings, the crusty, charred outer layer of the fat, and that soft melt-in-your-mouth texture. It felt like I was eating marrow and meat….buttery, fatty and Oh so tasty! Oh, this is a plateful of diet sin….and sin I must or I will never be able to forgive myself.

The truth is, I rarely eat out specially during dinner time but I really wanted to give out this new restaurant called Grandmomma’s Kitchen a try.

Grandmomma’s Kitchen is located at the Ground Floor of the Il Terrazzo Building in Tomas Morato. They serve classic, home style American comfort food. Those that you will eat when you’re celebrating and when you’re happy AND those that comforts when nursing a broken heart or keep you company when lonely.

True to it’s name, the restaurant has that homey, rustic, country feel that would remind you of  your Lola’s home.

I ordered their Homemade Iced Tea {₱60} which tasted like tea brewed in fruit. Teas like this are my favorite palate cleansers. I guess subconsciously, it’s my way of getting my tongue ready for a foodie ride.

The Breakfast Pizza with Spinach, Bacon and perfectly-cooked eggs is so far the best breakfast pizza I’ve tried. The pizza crust is a bit on the chewy side but bordering on crunchy. A mixture of both textures but not quite….something I’ve always looked for in pizza crusts.

Made me wish I’m really in my grandmomma’s house and I could ask her to teach me the recipe…hee.

I’ve always had this thing for Potato Croquettes {₱60}, specially the classic one untouched by another flavor. All I needed was the creaminess of potato heightened by salt and pepper. It’s heaven in a little crunchy orb.

Grandmomma’s Roast Beef and Mushroom Gravy {₱410} is the belle of my ball that night. And you already know why, I think I’ve said enough at the beginning of this post. It is served with mashed potato and buttered beans and carrots.

I can only handle too much creaminess in one night. So I guess ordering the Broccoli Alfredo {₱175} is my wrong move. I should’ve stuck on to my first choice which is Puttanesca. The strong tomato flavor would’ve been perfect with the roast beef which is already creamy in itself.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say that I didn’t like it. The Broccoli Alfredo is creamy and the pasta is perfectly cooked. The flavor of broccoli and mushroom  is distinct in the whole dish. All I’m saying is that this would’ve complemented the Roasted Chicken a whole lot more.

I didn’t finish the pasta and had it wrapped to take home. After all, I’m saving space in my tummy for this Key Lime Pie {₱125}. I’m big mostly on food with citrus flavor. I welcome whether just a hint of tartness or a total slap in a face sourness. That’s how much I love ’em…… whether it’s orange, lemons, lime, calamansi, pomelo or grapefruit.

This Key Lime Pie is bursting with lime flavor. The custard like filling which sits atop the graham-butter crust is even speckled with what I presume as lime zest.

So I guess I’ll see you again in a month’s time, Grandmomma!

I will introduce you to my peanutbutter when he comes home….

Visit Grandmomma’s Kitchen at…

G/F IL Terrazzo Bldg
Tomas Morato cor. Scout Madrinan
Quezon City

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11 Responses

  1. this looks like a restaurant i would like to dine in. i would love to give those croquettes a try + oh, the creamy pasta looks mouth-watering, too! 

  2. Those are mouth watering food that you showed us, it’s 11pm here and i am drooling. grrrrr… 🙂

  3. That’s exactly what I felt when I saw the picture of the roast beef.  I’ll definitely visit that place as soon as my schedule permits.

  4. OMG! OMG! OMG! I want all of the food you guys ordered. Ahhhhhhhh… yes that roasted beef looks so good and tender. Oh I am hungry now. 🙂 I am seriously drooling. LOL! Thanks for sharing mommy.

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