How To Choose a Broadband Service

As we all know, choosing a broadband provider can be difficult as there are many brands out there and many packages are being offered.  We had a great broadband service when we closed down our small internet cafe late last year. It was fast and there was very little problem, but it was a business line, so to maintain it without a business to support it would be too expensive. So I called the company and had them cut it off. A couple of months after, I started working online. I needed a reliable and affordable broadband that would cater to my needs.

So how was I able to choose the right broadband service? Here’s a list of things I considered which influenced my decision.

Broadband Package

In choosing a broadband package, you should ask yourself what kind of a broadband package do I want/need?. Like I said before, there are many packages that are being offered at the market today. There’s beginner’s broadband, which is usually the standard broadband service with a speed that would allow you to browse without interruption and is easy to set-up. There’s also a heavy-user broadband that would provide you with high-speed internet for frequents downloads and games. While a family broadband usually bundles up broadband with landline phones.

Lately, there’s been a talk about fibre optic broadband. Many companies, like talktalk fibre optic broadband, have already dipped it’s feet to the fibre optic ring  because it is said to be more stable and is considered as the one to provide superfast internet connection. This kind of connection is ideal for downloading movies and playing high resolution MMORPG games.

Length of Contract

Companies like tying up customers in contracts. Most often than not, there is a 24-month lock in period when you avail of a cheap broadband package. Our old internet cafe which lasted for five (5) years had a lock-in contract for 24-months in exchange of a new desktop computer. If you are not certain that your broadband requirements would remain the same for the lock-in period required, then don’t avail of it. You’ll just end up buying the rest of the contract which may turn out to be more expensive.

Better yet, look for companies like  talktalk fibre optic broadband who offers a 12-month  and 18-month packages.

Area Availability

There are many internet service providers. The question is: are they all available in your area? This is one of the saddest part when I was doing my research. I wanted to have  Sky Broadband because it is one of the few who guarantees really fast connection speed. After some phone calls, I found out that they don’t provide service in our area. I was heartbroken and went for the second-best ISP.


Now that’s all has been said and done, let’s talk about how much you are willing to pay for your high-speed internet connection. Opt for bundles. Many companies that are known to provide fast internet connection now offers affordable packages. Getting a bundle from them such as cable tv, internet , and landline could save you a lot of money in the long run that getting each one from different companies.

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10 Responses

  1. I think the most important of all is budget. 🙂 Even if there are great services offered by the provider and you don’t have the budget to suit your need, there’s nothing you can do.

  2. If I were to select the kind of broadband I may be using, I have to consider the availability of service, the efficient signal, and of course, the price will just follow. Right now I am using the Globe broadband. Its signal in our place is not really dependable. Sometimes it is excellent and sometimes it is very weak.

  3. I always find it difficult connecting the internet when in Manila 🙁 I really don’t know which is the best :/

  4. I’d prefer to know first if the signal in our place is compatible with the broadband or not. Maybe that’s the first important things to check.

  5. Thanks for sharing, I am in the middle of searching for a good internet connection in the Philippines so these tips are helpful.

  6. Oh you said it alright. There are so many packages and life can get confusing if you don’t know what you need. As for me, I’ve tried almost all of them. Haha

  7. Getting the right broadband package is important. I’m glad we are subscribe to the best one we have here.

  8. Time and time, because I didn’t do my homework like articles such as this, I end up having a really bad broadband, but I’ve learned and I do agree with all that you have said. People get confused what to have for their homes.

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