Another Lunch at Café Mary Grace

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But before I go into details let me tell you about this lunch with sis and the kids….

Cream Cheese with Artichoke Heart Dip { ₱194}

I seem to be eating a lot at Café Mary Grace these days…

Yes, the food is absolutely delicious and the service is marvelous but perhaps subconsciously, the place is homey and comforting, I find it as cozy as home.

And I’m sure Ykaie, Cyra and Cyvrine does,  too….

I never wanted to part with my favorite starter which is the Dulong Paté but I know I have to try out the other dishes in the menu. So on this day we had the creamy artichoke dip which was served with toasted bread instead of the soft, warm slices I was expecting. The dip is very rich and creamy and has artichoke pieces which you can chew bite after bite.

Spanish Sardines & Olives Pasta { ₱212}

The spanish sardines and olives pasta is truly a delight to the tongue. It is ripe with the flavor of fish, olives, tomato and onions.

Cyvrine didn’t want anything but cheesecake and cheesecake she got!

Cheesecake { ₱115}

Creamy, tart and with strawberry syrup on the side… sis and I shared this cheesecake with her because she couldn’t finish it.

Mary Grace Mushroom Cream { ₱ 266}

And of course, Ykaie and I ordered our favorite!

Grilled Ensaymada {₱73} / Grilled Cheese Rolls {₱42}

On this day, I also discovered why a lot of people loved their ensaymada and cheese rolls! They’re soft, cheesy and quite creamy… As usual, it was a good lunch at Cafe Mary Grace.

After that we went ahead to check out the sale at the mall and maybe we could buy discount cigars for some of my cousins as pasalubong.

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13 Responses

  1. The dishes looks awesome. Great one restaurants gives the maximum pleasure of having food. Thanks for sharing your experience. If you wanna know something more about restaurants everything. Then clickrestaurants
    in bangalore

  2. Oh my God! you had me on the ensaymada and cheeseroll! My favorites because they are really soft and sugary! Sinfully delicious! a great way to give in to cravings! Thanks for this! great photos by the way! nakakagutom!

  3. Looking at the food, I can totally understand why you are a regular patron to the cafe.. yumms.

  4. Marry grace! Mam, you should also try subimonte cafe they have awesome pasta, burgers , cakes and frappe! 🙂 it has two branches in cavite.

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