Cooking in Hard Water Areas

Around 60% of homes and businesses in the UK and about 85% of those in the US have a hard water supply. Not only does this impact on the performance and lifespan of our white goods and hot water systems, plus the efficiency of our cleaning products, but hard water can affect cooking too.

Hard water deposits are neutral to healthy people – our bodies simply flush excessive amounts of magnesium and calcium straight through our bodies. Some people even profess to prefer to taste of hard water to soft. When cooking or eating, most people might not realize what an impact these benign minerals have on the process and the end product.

• Longer cooking times for dried beans and pulses
• Affects the quality of bread and cakes
• Very hard water may make fruit and vegetables tough

Watered is softened by filtering out the mineral deposits; saline produced from a salt block or salt tablets within a softener unit flushes out the filter regularly to ensure it continues to work effectively. The water coming through your tap is much purer as a result – and the saline used within the unit won’t make it saltier.

Installing a water softener unit which takes salt blocks or salt tablets can also lessen the time it takes you to clean your kitchen up after a bake-off. Calcium and magnesium residues can make a house-proud cook despair – pans and glasses never look clean. Softened water not only eliminates these mineral residues but it allows detergents to work more efficiently, and you’ll be able to use less of it too.

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  1. Hi Peach. I’ve been following your and Anney’s blog since 2010 when I needed ideas for a Tinkerbell themed party and your posts came up. I’ve loved your ideas about food and party events and have tried some on my own parties. Thank you very much and more power to both of you. I’m just concerned why Anney hasn’t posted anything new since January. Hope everything’s fine. Regards 🙂

    1. Hello,

      WOW! Thank you for following our blogs. Anney’s on a temporary blog hiatus and i’m sure she’ll be back soon. I’m also away for a one month blog-vacay because my hubby came home from a one month vacation but I’m back. I’m glad you liked the Tinkerbell party and I’m glad it gave you ideas on what to do in your own party.

      It’s so nice of you to leave a comment.

    2. I’m glad Anney’s fine. Pls don’t ever stop posting your adventures. I also check out your other blogs coz I pick up gems about so many stuff I’m interested in that you guys happen to do, too – from domestic topics to places to visit – and it contributes a lot. God bless you!

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