The Dukan Diet

Pierre Dukan has been working as a nutritionist for over 30 years. The author of 19 books, his website for his Dukan 100 foods diet has just celebrated its second birthday and the popularity just keeps on growing. It is one of the most interactive, helpful online dieting programmes I have seen as you are given in-depth detail at every stage, whenever you want help it is there waiting for you and there is an animated ‘apartment’ that is your very own where you can store recipes, track your progress, watch exercise videos and so on.

The diet is made up of four phases to take you through to completion: Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilisation. By the end of the second phase you will have reached your goal which is another thing that amazes me about this diet. So much attention is placed upon how to maintain your ideal weight that you can’t help but learn something new every day about how to keep healthy and be the weight you want to be. On the outset it seems like a healthy diet plan that could never fail.

Of course, this is undoubtedly never going to be possible. There are already controversies spiralling around Dukan like little black flies released from a jar. It has been said that there is no scientific solidity behind the diet and that although the Duchess of Cambridge has successfully used the scheme, her mother said it to be inefficient. It is difficult to know what a rumour is and what the truth is when it comes to famous diets in the media which is why I always aim to try things out for myself.

One thing is for sure; it does seem to be quite simple to learn how to lose weight with Dukan and I am more than tempted to give it a proper shot. Reading the testimonials on the website shows that, yes, it doesn’t work for everyone, but their success stories are quite inspiring and their success rate is impressive.

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  1. Hi again Ms. Peachy!

    Congratz on this post! Although I have only read it now, your right! the testimonials are quite interesting. Anyway, knowing the right diet really depends on the persons willingness to loose weight and maintain it. I think its all about controlling and knowing what you eat and how much. I myself have tried several regimens. Have you heard of the GMC diet? there have been reviews about this too. More from you please! Thanks!

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