Wine & Cheese Tasting at Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay

And because I love cheese, I feel like the Wine and Cheese Tasting included in our reservation at the Discovery Country Suites deserves a separate post.

This complimentary Wine and Cheese Tasting was held at Restaurant Verbena at around 5-6pm. The center table which they usually fill with pastries, fruits and fruit juices in the morning is kept filled with different kinds of cheeses, nuts, fresh and dried fruits and others that go well with cheese like pickles and pickled onions.

I’m not an expert on cheese but I really love them! I filled my plate with cheese, pickles, preserved figs, grapes, dried apricots and olives and poured a glass of white wine.

My date {a.k.a Ykaie because peanutbutter was catching up on his sleep at the time} only ate a few bites of cheese and then played with her tablet… I guess she already forgot about me or she’s probably letting me have some  ME time

Here’s a closer look at my plate. I love those fig preserves and if you can tell me where I could get some I would be forever indebted to you!

Some of the nuts and fruits on the table… Sorry, I wasn’t able to take a photo of how the table looked like.

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5 Responses

  1. Socialin ang nagdadine oh, she looks so engrossed in what she’s doing hehehe

  2. All the food looks delish! Hotels always have unique way to give their customers a satisfaction and preparing meals and snacks for the guests are one of them.

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