Breakfast At Antonio’s

And so I am back…. after a month of going around town and out of it with my family.

And lonely. And hungry because I’m lonely without my peanutbutter.

Yup, my peanutbutter is gonna be away again but this time I’m hoping, not for long. And for the mean time while I’m waiting for him to be back in my arms, you and I are gonna be talking about food.

Let’s start with a good breakfast.

Breakfast At Antonio'sFrench Toast {₱295}

It was actually my first time to try Breakfast at Antonio’s and was surprised to find out how good their version of French Toast is. They used Turkish Bread dipped in vanilla cream, cinnamon, egg and butter and it was served with Antonio’s Burnt Syrup & Hot Apple Compote. It was rich, dense and perfect for a lazy morning while taking in the cool Tagaytay Breeze.

Breakfast At Antonio'sPlain Pancakes {₱180}

Ykaie had plain pancakes which was served with caramelized cinnamon banana and pineapple slices. It was also served with Antonio’s Burnt Syrup instead of the usual maple syrup and was a welcome change. Ykaie doesn’t like cinnamon, though so peanutbutter and I ate the fruit slices.

Breakfast At Antonio's

As usual, during breakfast, you’ll find peanutbutter with a cup of Brewed Coffee {₱180/refillable}…

Breakfast At Antonio's

…while Ykaie and I shared a tall glass of Mango Shake {₱190}

Breakfast At Antonio's

Unlike my sugar-and-meat-stuffing face, peanutbutter loves fish. So despite the expensive price, we thought he should give Daing na Gindara {₱775} a try. Gindara is Black Cod or Sablefish and is known for it’s flavor and texture and is a bit more expensive than other fish. The meal was served with two eggs done any way you want, rice and baked beans.

I love the black and white ambience at Breakfast at Antonio’s. It is elegant and relaxing, specially because it opens up in an unobstructed view of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.

They also have a take out counter where you can get their breads, jams and fresh produce for pasalubongs…

Breakfast At Antonio's

Breakfast at Antonio’s is located along Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay City, Batangas.

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18 Responses

  1. Yum, as always, your post leaves me hungry and craving for things that I cannot find here. 😛 But I think I’ll make French Toast for breakfast tomorrow. 😀

    Wow, that is one expensive Daing. O.O I hope it tasted awesome. 😀

  2. your pictures and gorgeous and the place looks really nice.:) i would love to visit it when i have my vacay in pinas.

  3. The place looks very refreshing too! Indeed, a great place for a delicious breakfast like you have!

  4. Beautiful place it is mommy. And awe! I bet you miss your peanutbutter so much. Lovely photos of the three of you and as always, I love your food blogs. hehehe… Hmmm… yummy breakfast. What a way to start the day. I am thirsty just looking at the mango shake. Me want some! Nummy! Nummy!

  5. I know how you feel of your hubby not being with you all the time, I felt that before whenever hubby had to go back to Guam and I am in the Philippines, it was tough. The food makes me drool.

  6. We have Antonio’s here too but I really do not know if it is their one of their branches.

  7. I’ve been meaning to try this but I know the price is quite steep. Maybe I should try and charge it to experience. =)

  8. I was online looking for a great breakfast idea and now I want to go to Antonio’s! Unfortunately, it’s a little too far away. 🙂 What a delicious and fun breakfast! Now I’m really hungry.

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