Fiesta Island Seafood Hub {F.I.S.H.}

One of my biggest food resolutions this year is to eat more seafood. Specifically, more fish, because as we all know, it’s a better source of protein than meat because fish has less fat. That’s the reason why I chose to eat at Fiesta Island Seafood Hub {a.k.a. F.I.S.H.}, one afternoon when we were at SM North EDSA.

Of course, I wasn’t able to resist the call of crispy, fatty pork albeit in the form of a salad. The meal started off with Ensaladang Bagnet {₱240}. A salad consisting of lettuce, mustard leaves, salted egg, tomato, and pieces of Ilocos’s deep fried pork belly called Bagnet tossed in Bagoong Balayan dressing.

The mustard leaves turned out to be too bitter for me to eat as a salad. I picked out everything and left all the mustard leaves on the plate.

I wasn’t that successful in ordering fish but I was able to squeeze in a seafood dish: Baby Squid Sisig {₱245}. This turned out to be quite a surprise. Squid is indeed good when cooked as sisig specially because it’s very tender and the squid ink is already flavorful in itself.

Kalkag Rice {₱60} is the perfect rice to pair with all the seafood goodness. Kalkag are dried toasted micro-shrimps which, when mixed with rice, makes the rice rich with the flavors of the sea…. and you can imagine yourself immersed in salty air and salty wateras you go through with your meal.

Ginapos na Manok {₱305} brought out the sadist in me…LOL! Just kidding. This was just simple fried chicken ordered because the kids doesn’t want to eat anything BUT…. you get the idea.

And Pritong Sorbetes {₱115} or “Fried Ice Cream” was ordered because I was curious. This turned out to be ice cream sandwiched in between breads, breaded and then fried…. AND THEN, returned in the freezer. I was disappointed but I ate it anyway. I wished I’d ordered palitaw with latik or Frozen Brazo instead.

Oh, and a fish dish too!

Next time, I promise there will be a fish dish.

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5 Responses

  1. I have no idea what a Sisig is but it sure looks good. I do like squid when cooked right. What a great batch of food!

  2. I am so curious about the PRITONG SORBETES. Hope I have the recipe for that so that I can make my own.

  3. I’m interested in the Kalkag Rice and the Baby Squid Sisig, nice combination! Oh, by the way, why were you disappointed with the Pritong Sorbetes? What does it taste like?

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