Balsa sa Niugan Floating Restaurant, Malabon

Balsa sa Niugan Floating Restaurant, Malabon

One of the nicest thing about where I live is that there are many kinds of restaurants around it. No, not posh restaurants or fast food but the kind of restaurants that is inherent in the town.

Balsa sa Niugan is one of those restaurants and it’s just a jeepney and a tricycle ride away from home. I’ve blogged about Kapihan sa Balsa sa Niugan, their coffee shop, way back in 2010 but I’ve never really blogged about their restaurant which was already there years before the coffee shop was built.

It used to be a traditional fishpond, then the owner converted it into a floating restaurant where diners can eat on floating bamboo rafts.

Balsa sa Niugan Floating Restaurant, Malabon

People from Malabon and the nearby cities raves about the Sizzling Sisig.  I love that it is crispy and saucy at the same time.

Honestly, the first time I tried their sisig years ago, I didn’t like it. I’ve only been here thrice and haven’t ordered it since then but hearing my sister’s friends and peanutbutter rave about it made me gave it another chance.

Balsa sa Niugan Floating Restaurant, Malabon

This time when we went out for lunch with my ILs {peanutbutter‘s parents}

We also ordered this deep fried Tilapia topped with crunchy brown garlic bits….

We see to it that whenever we eat out, we order a dish that has vegetables in it, so we ordered Chopsuey.

This is to balance out the pork, fat or fried dishes on our spread, specially since Ykaie favors fried chicken and Fried Pork Belly,like the one on the photo above.

After lunch, we headed over to the mall to look for a good antivirus for our new laptop. It was good to find Avira Professional Security after only a short time of looking into stores.

Balsa sa Niugan
#3 M. Aquino Street
Barangay Niugan
Malabon City

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5 Responses

  1. I hate where you live! You know why? Because I am jealous you lucky girl! LOL! You have all of the good places, delicious foods, ggrrrr! Okay, at least I get to read your beautiful blog with all the goodies in it. God bless, Peach! 🙂

  2. wow ang sarap parang dumarami ang mga floating resto lately haha uso kasi baha? hahaha mukhang masarap ang food pero nadistract ako kay Ykae ang cute!

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