The Only Thing I Could Think of During This Hot Day: SMOOTHIES

Mango Shake |

-Mangoes and Cream from Cintai Coritos-

I woke up thinking about smoothies.

They are a part of my life, specially nowadays that we keep a scorching hot weather everyday. Unlike fruit slushes, smoothies have a smooth and thick consistency because aside from fresh fruits and crushed ice, yogurt or milk is also added. This provides both a cool refreshment and a health boost.

Nowadays, there’s a wide market that is catering to the health conscious and one of the food/ drink choices that they offer are smoothies with a scoop of whey powder, soy powder, vitamin c powder, green tea, guarana, vitamin a powder, or b- vitamins. They either provide energy, immunity or protein boost.

There are some, though, that are made using ice cream and is more of a dessert or snack drink for those people who feel like indulging-themselves-but-not-too-much. Instead of cakes or chocolates, these kinds of smoothies satisfies their sweet teeth and cravings with a fewer calories than, say, a chocolate caramel cake.

-Kamias Shake from Zubuchon-

That is why aside from a high quality juicer, one of the things that is on my wishlist is a heavy duty blender. You see, I’m fond of smoothies and if I can make delicious ones in seconds at home then I wouldn’t have to order one whenever we eat out. I will also be able to control what I put into my smoothie.

Green smoothies are in. I know those green smoothies contain leafy vegetables and are very healthy but is something which I am not sure I could drink. So far, the only green thing that I was able to drink is the Kamias Shake from Zubuchon in Cebu. It’s a mixture of sweet and sour and is full of vitamin c but it’s candy compared to a green smoothie with kale or spinach.

Until, I could buy a heavy duty blender {which, I think, costs around ₱10,000 +++}, I will just order these delicious tasting restaurant smoothies.

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11 Responses

  1. I love smoothies a great healthy way to start my mornings. My teenager loves them and sometimes before a busy school and work morning drinking your breakfast is just the perfect way to make the morning easier,

  2. Mango smoothie is my favorite drink. Especially if it’s made from a semi-ripe mango.

  3. I like ice cream in mine 🙂 not always though. My daughter made me a blueberry kale one yesterday and it was really good. Kale is excellent to eat raw and in a smoothie, it adds a wonderful grassy flavour. I sure love the look of your mango cream one, I love mango in milk shakes and smoothies.


  4. It’s my first time to see the kamias shake and I want to try it. I do love smoothies too, sometimes I personally made our own shakes and smoothies.

  5. Smoothies for a hot day – definitely! Great looking smoothies! You know have me craving them so I think I just figured out what I’m having for breakfast.

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