Have Authentic-Tasting Palabok Dish in a Few Minutes with Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok

It looks like Pancit Palabok. It taste like Pancit Palabok..

But guess what? I prepared it in less than five minutes.

Yup. This is Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok.

Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok was launched  last November 2011. I’m sure you’ve probably seen this in the supermarket a dozen times but, like me, is reluctant to try it because somehow we have a pre-conceived notion that delicious Pancit Palabok can only come from restaurants or can be made from scratch.

Like other moms out there, sometimes I am skeptical in trying out new products that I see in the supermarkets or at the grocery. I always go for the tried and tested whether it’s food or not.

Honestly, that was also what I thought of when I first saw the product. My husband hails from the town of Malabon where good pancits are made. Authentic Pancit Palabok or Pancit Malabon is a regular on our table and is one of those dishes that my family loves. We could easily finish off one large bilao in a meal.

So when friends from Lucky Me! sent over a bilao of Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok, I got excited to try it and got really curious on how it tastes. Specially when I got a closer look and found out that this is actually a no-cook pancit.

A pouch contains noodles which you can cook by soaking in boiling water for only 4 minutes, thick golden sauc,e and a garnish of dried chives and real chicharon bits!

What can I say about the taste? Well, it tastes surprisingly like authentic pancit palabok! The thick golden sauce is exploding with the flavor of shrimp and you don’t even have to put calamansi anymore because it is well-seasoned! I just put hard-boiled egg on top of ours because we just like eggs on top of our palaboks.

If you don’t believe me, go ahead, try it out for yourself….. or better yet, you can ask my daughter. She loves it!

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17 Responses

  1. Looks gorgeous and very tasty. We have a Philippines market in town and I have seen these packets in the store before but can read the directions. I guess now, you could help me get that all sorted. I will purchase some packets and let you guide me through the directions…Take Care, BAM

  2. Looks yummy! Palabok is one of my favorites but I am a but hesitant to try the instant ones – but hearing from you that it’s as good as the real thing, I will give it a try,

  3. I wanted to try it! I always love pancit palabok and I have tried various brands of this sort but never tried a Lucky Me yet. I would love to check it out at nearby Asian Store if they have it.

  4. i was just craving for palabok yesterday. my mama cooks a mean one with all the toppings. sadly, i do not know how to cook it. i have not tried this one yet but since you vouched for it. i will make sure to grab some packs on our next trip to the grocers! thanks for sharing

  5. That is amazing! An instant pancit palabok… I want me some! I hope to visit the Asian store and hope they carry this product as well. Hmmmm.. looks delicious!

  6. I’m going to have to check and see if this is available here yet. This looks amazing – thanks so much.

  7. Never seen this noodles here…I must look around.
    Thanks for sharing this post, hope you are having a lovely week 🙂

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