Zubuchon: Biting into the “Best Pig..EVER”

Zubuchon: Biting into the "Best Pig..EVER"

Zubuchon: Biting into the

I know. It is simply not right to post this fatty, delicious hunk of lechon right after a recipe for the healthiest cookie but I just couldn’t deprive you of the “Best Pig..EVER” {according to Mr. Anthony Bourdain}.

This is not the first time I’ve tried Zubuchon. When we went to Cebu last December 2011, we were able to buy frozen ones at their branch at the airport to bring home to Manila. We reheated it at home but the skin wasn’t crispy anymore and it seemed like regular lechon save for a few herby notes which you can taste as you bite into it. There were some leftovers which were immediately cooked into lechon paksiw.

Zubuchon: Biting into the

Two months ago, when peanutbutter, ykaie and I went to Cebu, we just had to dine at Zubuchon. I always wondered if the lechon would taste different if eaten at the restaurant. Indeed it is! The acupunctured skin is very crispy and the meat was very tender. It wasn’t as salty as the lechons here in Manila and you could still taste the herby notes — only much better.

Zubuchon: Biting into the peanutbutter and Ykaie-

The branch that we went to is the one at the at the lobby of the Islands Stay Hotel. It’s a small space with around eight tables and has red and white interiors.

We also ordered Kamias Shake — I didn’t know kamias could be turned into a really refreshing beverage before this as the fruit is really too sour for comfort. However, this shake has the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness making it the perfect palate cleanser for this fatty fare.

Zubuchon: Biting into the

As a sidedish, we ordered this Seaweed Platter which is composed of lato and another kind of seaweed which I failed to ask. It came with a vinaigrette of some sort and both went well with the Lechon.

Zubuchon: Biting into the

Yup. we only went there for the pig and nothing else. I hope I could go back to Cebu and try out CNT next time.

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10 Responses

  1. Yum! Yum! I simply couldn’t resist delicious and crispy lechon even if my bad cholesterol level is high. Lol!

  2. sarap nga! si hubby tuwing galing ng Cebu may uwi na lechon..at lately ko lang nalaman na zubuchon pala un hahaha

  3. Thank you visiting Zubuchon and we are so glad you enjoyed your meal. The next time you are in Cebu and in the city we have a couple of other bigger branches with a slightly more extensive menu… Best regards.

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