Food Glorious Food “How To Make Your Own Event Style Buffet”

“Please sir can I have some more”, is something you and me would probably relate to Oliver. Although more recently it is a phrase which I aim to hear at any buffet I host. Bar the “sir” part, it has started to become quite achievable through a well selected recipe list, and with some inspiration from event buffet companies such as Cater Hire Ipswich my buffets are starting to come together.

Some of the recipes which have made my buffets from a carb conundrum to a well balanced meal can be seen below:

Hand Sized Beef Wellingtons

(makes 32)

Ingredients: 750 grams of ready- rolled puff pastry, 340 Brussels pate, 5 tablespoons of horseradish and two medium free range eggs beaten.

Method: Preheat the oven to a 170 degrees Celsius or gas mark 3. Cut the puff pastry into 32 peace’s and the pate into the same amount. Use the back of a spoon or something similar to squash the pate into the pastry then add a small dollop of horse radish onto each one. Once this has been completed brush the edges with the egg mix and fold each pastry parcel and press the edges together. Put all the mini beef Wellingtons on a greased baking tray add a little more egg for browning and bake for 11 to 15 minutes.


Polenta with Fig and Red Onion Relish topped with Goats Cheese

(makes 20-25)

Ingredients: 250g polenta maiz (can be subtracted for coarse), 1tsp of salt, 1 or 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 litres vegetable stock, fig and ref onion relish, 75gs goats cheese and finally fresh ground black pepper.

Method: First bring the stock to boil then add both the polenta, salt and quickly whisk. As soon as the mixture comes to boil again reduce the heat and exchange your whisk for the trusty wooden spoon. Allow the mixture to simmer for 10 minutes whilst stirring regular until it is a similar consistency to porridge. Once this has been done, line a baking tray with parchment paper and spread the mixture evenly, so it is no more than a 1cm thick. Then use a dampened pallet for at least 30 mins. Once it has solidified use a round cutter to cut triangles and brush both sides with olive oil. You can then either fry or cook the wedges till golden brown. Once this has been completed you dollop the fig and red onion relish with a topping of goats cheese and some black pepper.


Rosemary Sausages on a Stick

(makes 16)

Ingredients: 1600g of Cumberland chipolatas, 8 table spoons of mustard (wholegrain preferably), 8 table spoons of runny honey, 4 table spoons of Worcestershire sauce and 12 rosemary figs.

Method: Preheat your oven to 200 degree Celsius or gas mark 6. snip each 400g packet of Cumberland chipolatas. Pinch each sausage in the middle and twist them and cut to make a mini sausage. You then need to get a shallow oven proof dish an then mix all the designated liquids (I.e honey, mustard etc) to the dish. You then put the sausages into the dish whilst stirring them into the sticky glaze. Roast all the sausages for 15 minutes, then turn them and add the rosemary leaves. Roast for a further 15 minutes. Finally serve the sausage on a stick with a cocktail onion.


To be honest I am not saying the recipes above can trump a well placed pizza platter or the classic bread sticks and dip, however if you are looking for a change, these have been fantastic additions to my buffets to date. I hope you have enjoyed the recipes and that in your next buffet they make the impact they have had at mine.

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  1. Nice recipes but I”m really lazy to cook if I have visitor at home so I always order. =)

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