Affordable and Delicious Ramen at Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar

Affordable and Delicious Ramen at Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar |

Affordable and Delicious Ramen at Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar | www.thepeachkitchen.comAmerican Maki, California Maki, & Tempura Maki

I have to hand it to Tokyo Tokyo for being one of the firsts who brought affordable Japanese cuisine in the Metro. The first dish on their menu that I fell in love with years ago was the Ika Fry. I don’t think it’s still available today but I can assure you that what they offer now are those that have become the crowd favorites like Beef Misono, Shrimp Tempura, Tonkatsu, and the different kinds of Maki.

With the Ramen craze sweeping the metro, Tokyo Tokyo has been more than ready to satisfy everyone’s craving for delicious but affordable Ramen through it’s Ramen Bar.

Affordable and Delicious Ramen at Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar | www.thepeachkitchen.comSpicy Chicken Ramen

To bring customers the most authentic Japanese fast food experience possible, Tokyo Tokyo’s Research and Development team worked closely with a Japanese ramen master, discovering ways to deliver authentic Japanese flavors. The end result was three exciting ramen flavors – Braised Pork, Spicy Chicken, and Tempura Miso – making their debut at the very first Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar in Trinoma.

Thanks to the Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar, high-quality ramen is no longer limited to specialty shops with a limited number of branches. Even better, customers can get their ramen at a fraction of the cost, compared to other restaurants: just ₱99 for a snack-sized bowl, and ₱150 for a full serving.

Affordable and Delicious Ramen at Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar | www.thepeachkitchen.comTempura Miso Ramen

The key to Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar’s booming popularity lies in the quality of its components. The tonkotsu broth is slow-cooked for at least 24 hours in Japanese hagamas, extracting every single drop of flavor from the base ingredients. Ramen noodles are freshly-made, giving each mouthful just the right amount of bite. Premium-quality toppings, such as tender pork cutlets, succulent chicken cuts glazed in a spicy-sweet teriyaki sauce, and delightfully crisp prawn tempura, serve as a focal point for other traditional flavors.

Affordable and Delicious Ramen at Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar |

Braised Pork Ramen

They even have Gyoza that’s available for only ₱35.

My favorite among the three Ramen flavors is the Braised Pork Ramen. Those Braised Pork slices are so tender that it melts in your mouth and you can actually taste how good the tonkotsu broth is.

I’ll just meet my friend on their Trinoma branch on Sunday so I can give her something that I bought for her, AND we can eat some delicious ramen..

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  1. Prices are affordable as compared to other ramen bars in the metro. I gotta try this to confirm the quality of taste is good. 😀

  2. Japanese foods look great to savor. It is very unfair on myself that I live far from this food circuit. I would frequent this place if I live nearby.

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