KRISPY KROISSANT :Krispy Kreme’s Version of the Cronut

KRISPY KROISSANT :Krispy Kreme's Version of the Cronut |

KRISPY KROISSANT :Krispy Kreme's Version of the Cronut |

I’m sure you’ve already heard, if not tried, the latest food hybrid that has taken the country by storm recently — the cronut. Just like what its name suggests, the cronut is the marriage of two delectable pastries: the croissant and the donut.

Honestly, I haven’t jumped into the bandwagon yet because I seldom go out and when I do, the establishments selling cronuts are either too far away, have lines that are too long, or doesn’t have enough because they’re already sold out by mid-afternoon.

Lucky for me, starting this August 15th, Krispy Kreme launched their own version of the cronut, joining their Baked Creations line, in the name of Krispy Kroissant.

And I’m really glad that my first cronut experience came from Krispy Kreme because their version is BAKED instead of fried. As you can see in the photo above, Krsipy Kroissant comes in four (4) variants that is all filled with rich, velvety, pastry cream: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Apple Cinnamon.

Can you guess what’s my favorite amongst the four?

KRISPY KROISSANT :Krispy Kreme's Version of the Cronut |

If you’ve guessed Apple Cinnamon, then you are right.

Tangy apple + aromatic cinnamon…. sugar & spice… luscious pastry cream… flaky but soft and chewy dough… Now who could resist that? I swear I could be under a spell the way I ate that big piece of Apple Cinnamon Krispy Kroissant. And it would’ve been nice if  I had vanilla ice cream on the side too!

My second favorite is the Chocolate variant. Don’t let that chocolate ring fool you, it’s bigger than it looks … AND  it’s Belgian chocolate ganache. Nobody says no to chocolate…specially Belgian chocolate.

I like the Strawberry too but not so much and I find the Vanilla too sweet for my liking but who knows, they might be just right up your alley.

These are perfect with cup of coffee and of course, best enjoyed in the company of loved ones. My sister and I actually shared the Chocolate and it’s a good thing because I might have eaten three in one sitting…

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  1. Actually, I have never heard of this! Like a donut was fattening enough? 🙂 They do look good, but not something I could eat very often.

  2. it makes me hungry now. never tasted krispy kremes yet coz they’re not available in here

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