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KFC Cheezy Bacon Line | www.thepeachkitchen.com

KFC Cheezy Bacon rice, kfc cheezy bacon mashed potato, kfc cheezy bacon twister | www.thepeachkitchen.com

Everything is better with bacon.

As a fan of this crispy, salty pork product I have to agree. That is why I am so glad that friends from KFC sent over these cheesy bacon-y items on their menu. I know I have seen the Cheezy Bacon Twister in their menu one or two years ago so I know that it’s a product that is making a comeback. The Cheezy Bacon Potato and Cheezy Bacon Rice, I think, are new products together with the Cheezy Bacon Fillet and the Cheezy Bacon Zinger both of which I have yet to try.

KFC Cheezy Bacon Rice | www.thepeachkitchen.com

A closer look at Cheezy Bacon Rice would reveal that it’s  two pieces of KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken Fillet covered with Cheese Sauce and Bacon bits on top of delicious bacon rice.

The Cheezy Bacon Potato is their all-time favorite buttery mashed potato made more delicious with Cheese Sauce and topped with Bacon Bits.

And Cheezy Bacon Twister  consists of crunchy KFC Chicken, Cheese Sauce, and Bacon Bits wrapped in warm tortilla bread.

Everything is exploding with cheesy bacon flavor! I can wait to try out the Zinger version and I know exactly when I’m going to try it. I’ll go to the mall on wednesday to buy a gift for one of my nieces. KFC will definitely be one of my stops.

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