Vegetarian Bliss at Bliss Café, Baguio City

Who says vegetarian food are boring?

The tasty and delicious food served at Bliss Café  is proof that being vegetarian doesn’t mean you should only eat lettuce leaves, wheat grass and  alfalfa sprouts.

It simply means you just have be kinder to the animals around you, help the environment and better your health. You also have to be more creative in cooking, preparing or choosing the food you eat. Whether you are vegetarian, planning to be a vegetarian or you just want to be vegetarian for a day, go to Bliss Café and prepare to be surprised….

Bliss CaféBali Salad with Bliss Ranch Dressing on the side {P200}

Our meal started with a salad. It is composed of spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese, apples and raisins…

Bliss CaféFollowed by Haiku {P75}. Bliss’ version of Chicharon. According to the owner, it is made from a special kind of wheat which when fried turns into this crispy treat.  Well, it could’ve fooled me into thinking it is real chicharon, specially when dipped in vinegar.

Bliss Café“No Oink” Sisig {P180}

 Who needs pork when you can have savory sisig without it?

Same goes with the Satori {P75}, gluten barbecue marinated in soy sauce and sprinkled with paprika. I can have this over and over again.

Ahimsa {P75}  is a scrumptious mix of celery, turnip, ground gluten, black pepper and minced carrots wrapped in lumpia wrapper and deep-fried.

Papadom {P50 per set of three} A thin, crisp Indian bread made from lentil flour, optionally spiced or flavoured in various ways

Their Veggie Curry {P275} comes with Bangla Rice, Chutney  and Indian Lassi or Chai. This is a real value for your moeny because it comes in a set. It is nutritious and very filling.

“No Quack” Duck Adobo {P180}

This has the texture of duck and can also be prepared curry style.

Energetic Embotido {P180}

They described their embotido as a circular blend of succulent secrets. And it is, it tastes so much like the real thing.

It was surprising to find something Korean in the menu. Veggie Kalpi {P290} comes with Blissmix Rice and kimchi, served with a glass of wine. You can have your second glass for P75.

I think this one is the Dynamite. It’s very creamy and I’m thinking it’s made of cheese.

Bliss Balls {P75} sure are blissful desserts. It tastes like coconut-y yema or pastillas in the form of a ball.

Bliss Crepe {P135} is like pancake but is topped with fruit of the day, ice cream, honey and chocolate.

Bliss Café is not the only vegetarian restaurant in Baguio but it is the only Indian Restaurant there. Indian vegetarian food is bursting with flavor and serves as balanced diet and helps to maintain healthy body and mind.

A stay at The Hotel Elizabeth won’t be complete without eating here.

Bliss Café | The Hotel Elizabeth
No. 1 J. Felipe St. cor Gibraltar Rd.
Baguio City

UPDATE: Bliss Baguio has closed down last January 05, 2014. It’s so sad.

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10 Responses

  1. this is so good…. indian and vegetarian meals – i love it! Will try to visit the place this summer. I must! I must!
    Thanks for sharing. Great post and photos as always!

  2. I love their energetic embutido and bliss balls! Their yoghurt and honey dressing went so well with the Bali salad too. 

  3. is this the same Bliss something restaurant found in Xavierville? 

    there’s also this vegetarian restaurant i am frequenting at in QC, it’s near tomas morato, name of the resto is Green. 

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