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Stackers Burger Cafe |

Stackers Burger Cafe Clam Chowder |

One of the best things about the food industry is the ever changing tastes and cravings of the consumers. You’ll never run out of restaurants to try because there will always  be new ones sprouting here and there.

Our feet took us to Stackers Burger Cafe at The Annex in SM North EDSA one rainy afternoon. We were just there to buy something and of course, eat before going home so we don’t have to prepare dinner anymore. Sis and I caught sight of Stackers Burger Cafe as we were going down the escalator. We thought we should give it a try since we haven’t before.

Their Clam Chowder was the perfect starter because it was cold. What I like about their version is that it is served super hot and is thinner than most I’ve tried. It is not starchy and though it looks like it has a very peaceful surface when served, underneath it is a collection of clam pieces, potato chunks, and other ingredients that made it very tasty.

Stackers Burger Cafe piggy bun |

We already knew that the kids would order the Baked Fried Chicken but that didn’t stop us to try and coax them into choosing one of the cute meals from the kiddie menu. But they wouldn’t budge, so Sis — my OLDER sis — decided to have the fun-size cheeseburger that comes in a cute piggy-bun. It was served with a side-dish of fries and 3 pieces of mozzarella balls and taco salsa.

I could tell she enjoyed every piggy piece of it….

Stackers Burger Cafe |

I opted for the Single Patty All American Burger. Something safe and familiar, I know but I was still trying  to get to know their burgers…LOL! Next time, I’ll go for something bold. I liked it, though. The burger was juicy and there was caramelized onions!

Stackers Burger Cafe |

This Buffalo Wings basket was shared by me and sis. I know the piggy-bun wouldn’t really satisfy her knowing the extent of her appetite so this had to be ordered. It was perfectly hot and crispy when served and something I’d order from the menu again because I’m such a freak for wings.

Stackers Burger Cafe |

And here it is, one that we  don’t miss ordering anytime, anywhere: Fried Chicken…. with gravy…. and rice… for Ykaie and Cyra.

Stackers Burger Cafe |

I think I would enjoy stacking up my own burger but I still have to find the courage to try stacking it up this high…… next time.

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27 Responses

  1. I wonder how the best resto, food circuit or fastfood cater to the choosy tummy their customer has. Is there a secret to this? It is a fact that every customer has a different ability to taste any food for that matter and it is difficult to meet their choosy tasting buds and hungry tummy.

  2. Oh, those dishes all look appetizing! 🙂 I have just passed by this restaurant last Saturday with my mom. I want to dine there to make use of my Food card.

  3. What a cute-looking piggy bun! We haven’t tried Stackers Burger Cafe yet, but we would definitely love to try their burgers and everything nice on their menu! I hope they have a branch near us. — Tetcha

    1. She is super busog but she still asked for dessert after the meal.

  4. I would love to try stacking up my own burger there. 🙂 The clam chowder and buffalo wings are my favorites. Definitely will try those.

  5. those kids are cute!! ive also tried eating there. i ordered for cajun.. the atmosphere is a good place to hangout with friends. the “chill-chill lang” place.

  6. i have not tried this place but the burger sure looks cute + delicious. i wonder if Jared will start liking + eating burgers if they look like that 🙂

    1. It’s a cute-looking burger. Kids love it but I guess they are loyal to fried chicken..

  7. Like Jared’s mum, I haven’t tried this place yet. looks awesome and one to be for the books! Yes na yes sa chicken! ;D

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