Breville Multi Chef Unboxing

Breville Multi Chef |

Breville Multi Chef |

Three days ago, this Breville Multi Chef cooker arrived on my doorstep. I was very excited because, well,  kitchen gadgets make me excited. I know I could start cooking and experimenting with it as soon as I can shop for some ingredients to start.

While I’m waiting for grocery day to come, let’s open up the box and check out what this Breville Multi Chef cooker is all about.

Breville Multi Chef |

You’re probably thinking that the Breville Multi Chef cooker is a rice cooker. Well, that’s yes and no. It is a rice cooker because it cooks rice. It is also called an advanced multi-cooker because it can make tender slow cooked meals, stir-free risotto, fluffy rice and quinoa all in the same cooking bowl.  It also has a saute/sear setting, allowing  you to caramelize all your lovely fresh ingredients.

Breville Multi Chef |

This is what you will see when you open up the box. On top is the Breville Multi Chef manual which contains instructions on how to clean and operate this kitchen gadget.You’ll also find instructions on how to use it when you want to cook rice, risotto or when you want to use it for slow cooking.  There are also some delicious recipes inside like Creamy Tomato and Lentil Soup, Lamb Shank Ragu, and Risotto Milanese.

Breville Multi Chef |

This is the removable non-stick cooking bowl and the Stainless Steel Steaming tray. The non stick interior reduces clean up time.

Breville Multi Chef |

The buttons of the Breville Multi Chef:

  • Risotto setting – Making Risotto usually requires precise temperature, controlled liquid absorption, and lots of stirring. The pre-programmed Risotto function controls temperature to absorb flavor, lightly agitates while simmering, and turns itself off once ready. Simple, delicious, home made risotto, without stirring.
  • Sauté/ Sear setting – allows you to sauté and brown your ingredients.
  • Rice/Steam setting – Let’s you cook rice and steam vegetables and meat.
  • LOW Slow Cook setting – Gently simmers your food for an extended period of time
  • HIGH Slow Cook setting – Simmers food quicker when there’s time pressure
  • Keep Warm light – automatically switches on after each setting
  • Start/Cancel

The rice scoop and serving spoon.

I’m very much excited to try one of the recipes in the manual. I also have a few recipes lined-up.

I’ve never had a crock pot. There are a few recipes I’ve been keeping which I couldn’t try because I needed one, I can use the Slow Cook setting for those recipes!

For more product information and other products by Breville Philippines, check out:

Breville Philippines Facebook Page: Breville Phils

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18 Responses

  1. Oh, what a nice kitchen companion you have there! I can’t wait to see what dishes you’ll whip up using your new Breville Multi Chef cooker.

  2. What is this sleek looking cooker? It’s so pretty, I want it to sit on my countertop! I wanted to have a slow cooker but this is the first time I am seeing something so pretty and multi-use! No need to own a lot of other appliances in the kitchen.

  3. I have a really similar crockpot; the small size is so convenient and takes up so much less counter space! It can really be a lifesaver sometimes when I need to make a soup or sauce and don’t have the time to make it on the stovetop. The risotto feature on this model sounds really appealing!

  4. Wow a crockpot!! I have always wanted one of those, it’s a pretty nifty gadget for Moms, definitely a must have.

  5. Looking forward to your recipes using this crackpot! Love to have a Breville Multi Chef cooker in my kitcken

  6. I don’t know if “mouth watering” is an appropriate word for this beautiful crackpot! But I simply can not resist to imagine what’s cooking 🙂

  7. Looks like a great gadget to have in the kitchen! I only started learning how to cook three years ago so I still have a lot to learn. I have no doubt this will help me out a lot.

  8. What a great rice cooker, I want one now! Looks really professional quality and the fact that it does more than just rice, it’s a big plus in my book.

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