Gardenia Happy Bread Day 2013

Gardenia Happy Bread Day |

Welcome to Gardenia Bread Town

Gardenia Happy Bread Day |

After voting for the Barangay Elections last monday, Sis, my daughter Ykaie, my niece Cyvrine and I went to the Gardenia Happy Bread Day 2013 event.

Happy Bread Day 2013 is Gardenia’s one-day event which took place at Glorietta Activity Center, from 10am to 9pm. It is launched in commemoration of World Bread Month and is Gardenia’s biggest event of the year. The event was hosted by Regine Tolentino, Mios and Kent.

I’ve already told my daughter the night before that we were going to the Gardenia Happy Bread Day 2013 event so she’s very excited about it come Monday morning.

Gardenia Happy Bread Day |

Thank God that it was a holiday and going to Glorietta was a breeze. We arrived at the event a little after noon and just as expected, there were already a lot of people lined-up at the entrance. More people were already inside the Gardenia Bread Town.

Entrance is free, all we had to do was register and sign a waiver. After registration, they gave me a Gardenia Bread Town Passport which became my guide on the different booths inside the little town.

You have to get your passport punched at every booth you visit, you’ll get a prize when you’ve visited all of the booths.

Gardenia Happy Bread Day |

It was a bit overwhelming because there were lots of people at the event! The activity center was indeed turned into a small wondrous place with lots of activities, prizes, and of course, overflowing Gardenia breads to explore!

Let me take you to the different booths we enjoyed during the event…

Toast Wall

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

Our first stop was the Toast Wall. Here, you can write a message to Gardenia on a small notepad in the shape of a toast and stick it on a big wall.

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

Ykaie wrote a message that says: “I love gardenia! Yummy! – Ykaie” then pinned it to the Toast Wall.

We got our first punch on our passport.

Pandesal Cafe

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

Gardenia’s booth for their pandesals is called Pandesal Cafe. I’m guessing this is the “breakfast” booth because everything in this booth reminds me of the first meal of the day. There were coffee samplings and pandesals with some of your favorite palamans (filling) like Argentina Corned Beef and Swift.

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

My little foodie of a daughter, Ykaie loves all kinds of sampling and “free tastes”. This event is like heaven to her and she is more than willing to line up for each one!

Gardenia Museum

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

I think this is my favorite booth because this booth has samplings of Gardenia Classic Bread with my favorite fillings….

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

Ykaie, Cyvrine, and I enjoyed free samplings of Nutella…

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

And Creamy Peter Pan Peanutbutter…

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

Aside from slices of Gardenia Classic Bread with different fillings, you can also see some exhibits inside the Gardenia Museum Booths. You can find out about the history of some products like the Gardenia Flavored Breads and the Muffintastic Gardenia Muffins. Trophies and awards were also displayed throughout the area.

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

There’s Cheez Whiz samplings, also a favorite here at home…

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

And Lady’s Choice Sandwich Spread.

Wheat Bread Boulevard

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

It took us a bit of time going in at Wheat Bread Boulevard. Here, they gave out samplings of Gardenia Wheat Bread with Century Tuna and Nissin Yakisoba.I wasn’t able to take a photo inside because there were a lot of people.

Flavored Bread Station

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

The Flavored Bread booth is like the “dessert booth”. They gave out samplings of Gardenia Flavored Bread Line like the Chocolate Chip Loaf, California Raisins Loaf, and Dates and Walnut Loaf among others…

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

These breads were made sweeter and more delicious drizzled with Clara Ole Truly Fruity syrups. Some of the flavor combinations were:

  • California Raisin Cinnamon Sensation – California Raisin Loaf with Clara Ole Banana Apple Cinnamon Cinnsation Syrup toasted in a Panini maker
  • Choco Banana Blueberry Thrill – Chocolate Chip Loaf with Clara Ole Blueberry Thrill syrup, banana slices toasted in a sandwich maker
  • Double Delights Fruity Mania – Double Delights Ube and Cheese Loaf with Clara Ole Strawberry Bananamania syrup toasted in a Panini maker

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

Here’s Ykaie, getting a piece of bread….Notice she also has a bread on the other hand..LOL!

G-Lock Wall

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

We donated some G-Lock at the G-Lock Wall so we can help 2 charities and earthquake victims. One G-Lock contributed is equivalent to three loaves of bread.

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

Can you imagine the giant loaf of Gardenia Bread that goes with these giant G-Locks??

The Next Big Sandwich Hit

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

Later in the afternoon was the highlight of the event – The Next Big Sandwich Hit, an inter-school business idea and sandwich-making contest.

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

There are 10 Winning teams composed of HRM and culinary students from the following schools who participated in the Finale of The Next Big Sandwich Hit: Polytechnic University of the Philippines, La Consolacion College Manila, Centro Escolar University, Adamson University, University of the East, St. Scholastica’s College Manila, University of Santo Tomas, Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippine Women’s University, and Far Eastern University.

These participants underwent:

  • Qualifying Rounds, wherein teams of two from 10 schools crafted sandwich recipes and competed amongst their schoolmates to become their alma mater’s representative;
  • Mercato Challenge wherein school representatives tested the salability of their recipes by setting up a stall in Midnight Mercato for two nights;
  • Finale, which took place at Happy Bread Day, wherein teams presented three Main Event sandwich recipes.

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

The Winners from the 10 teams are:

  • 2nd Runner-up: Team Irresistible of Polytechnic University of the Philippines
  • 1st Runner-up: Team Hell Week Masters of Far Eastern University
  • Grand Winner: Kristina Francesca Jordan and Janmel Lolong of Team Fat Thin of La Consolacion College Manila

And Their Next Big Sandwich Hit winning recipes are:

  • Chocolate Tapioca Sushi Sandwich
  • Smoked Salmon Sushi Sandwich
  • California Maki Sushi Sandwich

Check out the Video of Team Fat Thin making their winning sandwich:

I wasn’t able to take a photo of the winning sandwiches but I caught these two yummy sandwich creations during the event:

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

They look delicious too but if you want to find out what The Next Big Sandwich Hit winning recipes are, you can check out

Ykaie , Cyvrine, Sis, and I had a blast tasting all those filling and flavor combinations and of course, the different Gardenia Bread variants.

Were you there at the Gardenia Happy Bread Day 2013 too? How was your experience?

Gardenia Happy Bread Day

I took a photo of Gardenia Bread Town from the second floor. Look at all those people who went to the event. It’s nice when you’re updated on events like these.

So if you want to be updated on Gardenia’s upcoming promos and events, here are Gardenia’s official sites: or Gardenia Philippines

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26 Responses

  1. wow am so happy that my h.s alma mater made it to the top grand champion place! and also feu peeps as i get to feature them once also hihi.! gardenia really made an awesome event!

  2. Oh I love Gardenia. It’s amazing how the participants ingeniously turned a plain slice of Gardenia into a sweet treat!

  3. Our grandchildren do love this kind of event. Gardenia is not so common here in our place, but I have already tasted this and bought for one of our birthday occasions. They’re so delicious and tasty.

  4. Ang cute ng mga bata habang kumakain sila ng bread. Kahapon kumain din ako ng gardenia bread at ang palaman ko ay Nutella. Ang sarap

  5. Amazing event. Hope gardenia will come here in our place. They have great partners that sure made their sandwiches more enticing especially kids.

  6. wow kiddie gardenia party! ang saya saya ng mga kids.
    I love Gardenia. Kahit medyo mahal, bibili pa rin ako basta merong extra.

  7. My daughter loves the Gardenia bread and I’m sure she will also be happy to come on such kind of event.

  8. Is the G-lock donation on going? We eat Gardenia at home also and would love to help their advocacy by saving the G-locks.

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