Starbucks Planner 2014 and Coffee Icon Bookmarks!

Starbucks Planner 2014 and Coffee Icon Bookmarks |

Starbucks Planner 2014 and Coffee Icon Bookmarks |

Starting November 2,  2013, you can start collecting stickers for the Limited Edition Starbucks Planner 2014. This is the 11th edition of the Starbucks Planner and is better than ever.

This year’s theme is “Coffee Perfection” and will be highlighted throughout the planner. Coffee perfection begins with the journey of coffee, from the farmer to the buyer, roaster and barista. Each and every bean has a story that is unraveled by many pairs of caring hands before it becomes part of your perfectly handcrafted cup of coffee. Every turn of a page tells the story of how your cup of coffee has journeyed and was crafted perfectly for you.

Starbucks Planner 2014 and Coffee Icon Bookmarks |

The Limited Edition Starbucks Planner 2014 is available in four (4) colors:  yellow, brown, magenta and black and it comes with a coffee icon bookmark. Last year, the colors were black, white, and green. There’s no green this year because, well, the colors of the leather covers are inspired by the roast profiles of whole bean coffees at Starbucks – Blonde Roast (yellow), Medium Roast (brown), Dark Roast (magenta) and Starbucks Reserve Coffees (exotic, rare and exquisite coffees) (black).

Starbucks Planner 2014 and Coffee Icon Bookmarks |

There are four coffee icon bookmarks: Coffee Bean icon for the yellow, Kape Vinta icon for the magenta, House Blend icon for the brown, and the Starbucks Cup for the black. These coffee icon bookmarks have been pre-assigned, so if you want to collect all four coffee icon bookmarks, then you must also collect all the four planners.

How  to Avail of the Starbucks Planner 2014?

  • From November 2, 2013 to January 8, 2014, you can get a 2014 Starbucks Philippines Planner promo card. You must accumulate a total of eighteen (18) stickers : nine (9) Christmas beverage plus nine (9) core beverages (except bottled drinks) to redeem one (1) Limited Edition Starbucks Philippines 2014 Planner. One (1) sticker is awarded for each Starbucks beverage purchase.
  • Just load ₱5,000 on a new Starbucks Card and you’ll get a Starbucks Planner 2014 instantly! Of course, you can also use that ₱5,000 load in your Starbucks Card to buy your favorite handcrafted drinks to earn more stickers (for another Starbucks Planner 2014) while earning stars (which in turn will also earn you free beverages or whole bean) ! That’s a big bonus! Triple Bonus, to be exact.
  • Buy ₱5,000 worth of Starbucks GCs and you’ll also get a Starbucks Planner 2014 instantly!

To get you started on collecting the stickers, all Starbucks branches will be giving away a promo card with one (1) free sticker for the first 300 customers today!

Starbucks Planner 2014 and Coffee Icon Bookmarks |

These are my favorite coffee icon bookmarks! The coffee bean and the Kape Vinta.

Starbucks Planner 2014 and Coffee Icon Bookmarks |

What’s Inside the Planner?

  • New additions this year are the roast profile and coffee stamp stickers which customers may use once they experience the whole bean coffees. These stickers represent the coffees and if you will notice, are also embossed on the leather cover of the Starbucks Planner 2014.
  • The planner has fourteen (14) coupons with different Starbucks treats (like 10% off whole beans and buy 1 get one beverage)  that can be shared with family, friends and loved ones. The coupons may be redeemed at any Starbucks store in the Philippines on different specified periods in 2014.
  • The planner has turned digital through the use of QR codes that feature videos that will help customers with their coffee journey.

Starbucks Planner 2014 and Coffee Icon Bookmarks |

Look at the magnetic clip on the side!

Starbucks Planner 2014 and Coffee Icon Bookmarks |

I already got my Starbucks Planner 2014 in magenta.

What color are you planning to get?

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  1. Hi! Is it also possible to use all the 5000 load in your Starbucks Card (that one will buy) to purchase Starbucks goodies right there and there to have another free planner? Thanks!!

  2. Omg those are so cute! I could really use a cute planner for all my blogging needs. I love it! The pink one is adorable!

  3. What a lovely designed planner from Starbucks, with stickers too. 🙂 Love it! I want one, too!

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