Custaroons by Gigi Gaerlan

Custaroons by Gigi Gaerlan |

I don’t know how many years have I seen these Custaroons being blogged and posted on Facebook from time to time. I just know that I’ve seen these often enough to get curious on how it tastes. Somehow I didn’t.

From it’s name, I got the idea that it’s a combination of custard and macaroons, the one made from dessicated coconut bound with either egg whites or condensed milk. I didn’t think it was something special because I normally eat custard and macaroons, only not in the same bite.

Custaroons by Gigi Gaerlan | grabbed from Nuffnang)

The other day, though, I attended the Nuffnang Country Manager’s Dinner 2013 and a box of Custaroons by Gigi Gaerlan was included in the giveaways. Notice those pastel blue boxes on the table?

Custaroons by Gigi Gaerlan |

It will open up to this. It  looks like an innocent cupcake but underneath the peaceful surface is a unique combination of velvety and creamy flan topped with a chewy, buttery coconut crust. It is sooo aaddicting and I couldn’t stop eating. I searched the net on how I can order. Too bad it’s only available either for pick-up in their branches or meet-up in Makati. Both are far from where I live. I wish I can just order for delivery because I also like to try the Custaroon Poppers.

I’m sure these Custaroons and I will see each other again soon.

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23 Responses

  1. I love custard cakes and macaroons — to have them in one bite, well, I bet that’s heaven! I will definitely pay their Makati branch a visit soon.

  2. Ohhh interesting! I love macaroons and custard, and the thought of having them together is enough to make my mouth water hahaha! Hope I get to try those soon.

  3. Hi! First time na natry ko to diko na makalimutan yung lasa sobrang sarap! I want to buy saan kaya nabibili to? Im from makati. Thanks

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