PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundles

PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundle |


PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundles |

Everybody needs internet connection nowadays for school, for work, and even for fun!  But sometimes applying for one becomes a hassle because you’d need to commute and to fall in line. We also worry about expensive internet subscription thinking we all need a phone line to have unlimited internet connection.

But did you know that it is now possible to have affordable unlimited wireless internet connection at home for unlimited family fun? Yes! Through PLDT Home Bro!

Last February 9, 2014, I was able to experience the PLDT Home Panalo Mall Tour at The Block, SM North EDSA. PLDT Panalo Mall Tour just made subscribing for unlimited internet connection easier and more fun by bringing it to the mall.

PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundles |

They set up a family- oriented booth there which didn’t only take care of subscriptions but also gave out freebies, held activities and surprises among others. Just look at all those people checking out the Home Bro Bundles and those lined-up at the processing area.

C’mon, let’s take a closer look at the booths…

PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundles |

They have three windows taking care of the processing of subscriptions to make sure long lines doesn’t form and each customer is attended well. Friendly and approachable PLDT staffs man the processing area.

PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundles |

For each plans applied and approved there’s a corresponding freebie.

  • For Plan 999,  you’ll get FREE earphones, mouse and mousepad.
  • For Plan 1069, you’ll get a FREE portable speaker.
  • For Plan 1799, you’ll get FREE portable speaker and a powerbank.

But that wasn’t all, they also had hourly promos. If you subscribed at the right time, you get a bonus gift!

Customers who subscribed for Plan 1069, from 2 to 3 PM and from 5 to 6 PM, also got a FREE PLDT Home Bro umbrella and customers who subscribed for Plan 1799 from 1 to 2 PM and from 6 to 7 PM, also got a FREE USB together with the other freebies.

PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundles |

There’s a Family Dance Off area where family members can compete with each other by following a series of dance moves. The winner gets to pick a prize. It was really nice watching families dance at this area. I saw some children got really competitive with their parents so they can pick the prize…heehee.

PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundles |

You can also get your photo taken through a roving photo booth which is actually the photographer himself,  wearing a backpack which contains the printer and all of his other gadgets. Isn’t that cool or what? I had my photo taken together with fellow mommy bloggers: Christine, Jem, Khaye, and Louise.

We wanted to try this other game at the family dance off area where you’ll need to catch the promo bundles but somebody always beats us to it.

PLDT Home Bro Bundles

According PLDT Home Bro, the idea behind these PLDT Home Bro Bundles is to offer the market complete solution bundles that meets their family needs, most specially the school needs of the children. There won’t be a need to go out anymore to do research and projects in a computer shop. You’d get to have more bonding time with your kids and you won’t get worried because they’re safe at home.

Let’s check out what the family bundles are:

Plan 1069 inludes Unlimited Internet Connection (which is the Plan 999 2 Mbps) + HP Deskjet 1000

Plan 1799 inludes Unlimited Internet Connection (which is the Plan 999 2 Mbps) + HP Deskjet 1000 & HP Notebook 1000

What’s nice about the PLDT Home Bro Bundles is that every subscription entitles you to a raffle entry at the PLDT Home Bro Panalo Raffle Promo. Every subscription is worth a number of raffle entries depending on the plan or bundle that you avail.

  • Plan 999 = 1 raffle entry!
  • Plan 1069 = 2 raffle entries!!
  • Plan 1799 = 3 raffle entries!!!

These raffle entries will give you a chance to win  any of these prizes!

  • Computer table set
  • Brand new Flatscreen TV
  • Brand newRefrigerator
  • GRAND PRIZE: 1-MINUTE SHOPPING SPREE with your family!

To find out more about PLDT Home Bro Bundles, you can go to their website at


PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundles |
The 24K Girls did a short dance number during the opening of the PLDT Home Bro Panalo Game Show

The most awaited part of the PLDT Panalo Mall Tour is the PLDT HOME BRO PANALO GAME SHOW. Just like Deal or no Deal, it was hosted by Luis Manzano together with the 24K Girls.


It was my first time to see Luis Manzano and the 24K girls in person. The girls are super pretty! I like Luis’ hosting style because he always has something funny to say whether it’s a punchline or just a comment to something he saw at the audience. My fellow mommy bloggers and I couldn’t stop laughing in our seats.

We were laughing for around 1 – 1½ hours — basically the whole game show!

PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundles |

Two Families competed on the first game segment which is called DEAL IT TO WIN IT!

Each family member competed in one 1-minute challenge appropriate for their age. The Family who scores two out of three is the family who advances to the next level of the game.

PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundles |

The mommies competed by making COIN TOWERS. They had to form ₱60 and ₱36  coin towers representing the cost per day of the PLDT Home Bro Bundles. I think the mommies were very nervous and pressured with the 60-second timer. They were only able to form one coin tower each.

The daddies competed in toppling over red and blue boxes by balls tied to their waists. They had to kembot left and right for the balls to move in the direction that they wanted.

And their children competed by completing puzzle with pictures of the Home Bro Bundles.

PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundles |

The Sta. Ana family won the first challenge. They advanced to play the jackpot round called FUNDeal or No FUNDeal in which they were asked to choose three briefcases. The briefcases chosen should contain the three Home Bro Bundle Plans.

The family had a hard time choosing among the 15 briefcases but Luis subtly points them towards the right choice.

PLDT Panalo Mall Tour and Home Bro Bundles |

Congratulations to the Sta. Ana Family!! They won free 6-month subscription to PLDT Home Bro!!

I really enjoyed the program and the event. I’m actually considering getting Plan 1799, should we move in to our home when the reconstruction’s done. It’s so sulit considering you’re paying only ₱60 for your internet, laptop and printer altogether.

For those who weren’t able to join the PLDT #PanaloMallTour at The Block in SM North EDSA last Sunday, don’t worry. There will be six more stops at the following dates and venue:

  • SM Bicutan & SM Dasmarinas – Feb 11-16, 2014
  • SM Pampanga – Feb 18-23, 2014
  • SM Baguio & SM Cebu – Mar 3-9, 2014
  • SM Davao – Mar 17-23, 2014

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51 Responses

  1. This is cool! I need another subscription for my niece yay for freebies 🙂 And yeah when you compute it, indeed cheap. This made me think twice so instead of getting the 999 might as well get the 1799 plan.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! What a fun-filled day and kudos to the family who won the 6-month sub. How wonderful! Wish we have the PLDT connection in our area in the Philippines. Globe was the only line my mom and dad could get that has good connection. Anyway, thanks for sharing this one and sounds like a good plan.

  3. By having this kind of event, people now are more aware of the packages and services PLDT offers. Games serve as entertainment and as a form of marketing that’s quite inventive.

  4. The event looks fun and Lucky is so handsome. 🙂 I’m planning to subscribe to their PLDT Home Bro Plan. My current internet provider is giving me a headache. 🙁

  5. Oh yay, thanks for sharing this. I’ve been having headaches and heartaches over my internet provider lately, and I’ve been looking at my options. Helps to know what PLDT Home Bro has to offer. 🙂

  6. I’ve always wanted to have a pldt dsl at home.. but they are not available.. I just hope that they extend their coverage more so that we can avail of it..

  7. (Not sure if my first comment went through so I’m commenting again)

    Sayang I missed their event at The Block. It’s good that they’re making application easier. I really hate the long lines in offices!

  8. we are a PLDT subscriber ever since – landline and internet and I am happy with their service though sometimes internet connection wonks up lol

  9. We like PLDT, they’re dependable talaga, We have tried the other ISP but PLDT is still the best internet provider for us, lalo na with the internet cafe.

  10. I love how it is a kind of event that the whole family can truly enjoy and you got to see some Philippine Celebs. Thank you for sharing all these photos and your experience.

  11. I’ve been contemplating on getting a second internet connection here at home and we’ve been thinking of the Home bro bundle a lot. We’ll see. I need to make sure it’s better than the one we have. I’m not sure if our location has anything to do with our service provider’s performance.

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