Poultry Stars in Out-of-the-ordinary Healthy Dishes

There seems to be a news story every week about bacterial disease outbreaks with their origins in big commercial poultry facilities. Many people are also concerned about the overuse and abuse of antibiotics and growth hormones in poultry and meat productions. The safety of these products has not been established and people worry about potential human health problems in the future.

This why many Americans are looking for wholesome chicken and turkey products that taste good. More and more, they choose Harvestland precooked and ready-to-eat poultry products for their tables and lunchboxes.

You can use our products in any recipe calling for chicken or turkey. In addition to high-quality whole poultry or parts, we also make several products that find their way into off-the-beaten-track recipes.

Quick Salsa Verde Chicken recipe from Harvestland website

Our chicken sausage links are the centerpieces of satisfying dinner recipes such as chicken sausage pasta e fagioli, a hearty Italian stew that incorporates feta cheese and spinach into a traditional base of pasta and white beans.

If Asian cooking is your passion, our grilled chicken breast strips are the foundation of a quick and healthy stirfry. Add a bag of prepared broccoli slaw mix, snow peas and chopped vegetables with a bottle of ginger-sesame salad dressing. Dinner is ready to serve in less than half an hour.

Children and many adults cannot pass up a good burger, and a turkey burger makes a healthy alternative to beef. Try our Maui Burger recipe made from our white-meat turkey burgers, Monterey Jack cheese, pineapple and barbecue sauce for a change from the same old boring beef burger.

Chicken Sausage Pasta e Fagioli recipe from Harvestland website

We like to think that there is no such thing as leftover turkey or chicken. To save time, many people cook extra poultry and use it as an ingredient in more than one dish, a convenience during the daily rush of work, after-school activities, mealtime and evening events.

Cooked and cubed chicken or turkey breast turns old-fashioned green bean casserole into a hearty main dish that only takes 30 minutes to prepare. Add some crunch with water chestnuts and extra flavor with a touch of mayonnaise and onion.

Driving into the country to buy farm-raised wholesome poultry is not an option for most busy people these days. Devotees of our products can find them in supermarkets’ and discount retailers’ meat departments across the nation. Our products are carried at retailers such as Walmart, Publix, Copps, BJ’s Wholesale Club and Acme.

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  1. disease outbreaks are alarming and cause many people to panic. at most times, we’re thinking here that’s it’s safer to grow our own foods (some) like veggies and yes, poultry too. However, even our native chickens we’re raising here do suffer from occasional diseases. At one time, we have to burn them all. It’s sad they’re affected by some virus.

  2. OH WOW.,!!,i eally love chicken and this gives me a new dish to create with chicken.,love your post,really looks delicious.,!!.,YUM.,!!!

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