Five Unforgettable Desserts I Sometimes Dream About

Desserts are perfect endings to great meals. Of all the desserts I’ve had recently, I’m definitely going back for seconds for these five…

Apple Pie with Streusel Topping from Maple

Maple : Apple Pie with Streusel Topping

This Apple Pie with Streusel Topping (₱240) is one of the best apple pies I’ve eaten in my life. It has large chunks of Granny Smith and red Washington apples tossed in maple syrup filled the light, buttery pastry crust.  It’s covered in a sweet and crunchy streusle topping and served with vanilla ice cream on the side.

Green Tea and Coffee Ice Cream from Moshi- Koshi Noodle Boss

I’ve actually already gone for a second and third helping of this Green Tea Ice Cream (₱65) & Coffee Ice Cream (₱65) because they are very affordable! The tub it comes in is quite big and both taste fantastic in their respective flavors. The Green tea Ice Cream has that rich, creamy, grassy, earthy matcha flavor. While the Coffee Ice Cream has that balance of a strong and yet creamy brew.

Key Lime Pie from Mamou Too!

Mamou Too!

The Key Lime Pie (right) is so far the most delicious Key Lime Pie I’ve tried. It’s creamy and tangy and leaves you wanting for more.

Wasabi Panna Cotta from Yakumi

Desserts at Solaire: Yakumi's Wasabi Panna Cotta

This Wasabi Panna Cotta (₱360) is the most unique dessert I’ve had. It’s the first time I’ve heard of Wasabi being incorporated into something as sweet as dessert — and it totally works. It has this unique creamy, milky flavor that tickles your tongue with a zing.

Dark Chocolate Mousse from Strip

Desserts at Solaire: Strip's Dark Chocolate Mousse

The Dark Chocolate Mousse (₱420) was light and airy but it was thick at the same time. You can tell it’s made from high quality dark chocolate because it was smooth and has a bittersweet satiny finish. Along with the caramel sand, caramelized banana, and the macadamia milk foam– the melody of flavors is surprisingly pleasing.

I hope you guys give these desserts a try! I promise you won’t regret it.

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21 Responses

  1. they always ask “is there still room for dessert?” and the answer is always a resounding “YES” especially with those kind of sweet treats! I would really love to try that apple pie for sure! I did have a cup… okay 2 cups of ice cream awhile ago… the calories to burn!

  2. Remind me not to read your posts when I’m on a weight loss program. HAHAHA These desserts look so good I’m now drooling and craving! Oh well, maybe I should try one on my cheat day!

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