Pambatang Solmux is the “Best Tandem” for Moms

Pambatang Solmux

During the rainy season,  I already expect Ykaie to get cold and coughs with phlegm anytime. This kind of sickness can’t be avoided no matter how much we try. My heart breaks whenever Ykaie gets sick specially when she gets infected with coughs and cold. Hearing her cough frequently and having a hard time taking out the sticky phlegm makes me wish I can just take it away with a snap of my fingers.

Good thing I found Pambatang Solmux, my best tandem whenever Ykaie gets coughs with phlegm. It doesn’t just kill bacteria and viruses, it also help expel them.


Pambatang Solmux is the Best Tandem for Moms

What’s the advantage of giving Pambatang Solmux to your children over other cough medicines in the market?

  • Pambatang Solmux is the only one with both bacterial and viral expel action which helps kill and expel viruses and bacteria that cause cough with phlegm. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Only Pambatang Solmux contains 200mg of medicine per 5ml vs. other carbocisteine medicines which only contain 100mg of medicine per 5ml. This means your child also has to take in less medicine.
  • It is made using TasteRiteTM technology which is a unique tastemasking system developed specifically for liquid dosage forms to improve the taste of the medicine. You won’t have any difficulty in making your child take his or her medicine.

Because of this, Pambatang Solmux is the “best tandem” for moms in providing relief for their child’s cough with phlegm.

Pambatang Solmux is the Best Tandem for Moms

Now, you don’t have to worry too much this rainy season. Make sure you give your children more fruits and vegetables that is rich in Vitamin C to boost their immune system. Should they happen to catch cough with phlegm, we have Pambatang Solmux  to help us out.

Pambatang Solmux comes in 60ml and 120 ml bottles and is safe for kids aged 2-12.



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39 Responses

  1. I hope the taste is good because my son doesn’t drink medicine if he doesn’t like the taste. But I drink Solmux when I have cough.

  2. It’s a good thing that Solmux now has a kid version. I used to take the adult version even when I was growing up and I did like the taste of it. I’m guessing I’ll also like the taste of this one though I’m already too old for it. And I have never doubted the efficacy of Solmux. It definitely works.

  3. Ay nako, little MrC has a cough! And nahawa narin ako sa kanya. Really need to go to the store to pick up some Solmux so that he doesn’t have a hard time sleeping.

  4. This is recommended by our Pedia and it works for my son. The bonus is that my 2 year old likes to drink it. As in on his own, no forcing whatsoever. Maybe because of the color, red? Or maybe the taste? Whatever it is, I am glad that he willingly takes it so we can say goodbye to his cough as fast as possible!

  5. I was wondering if is it advisable for my baby age 1 yr old and 4 months?! Maybe I wL jzt lessen the dosage lyk instead of 5ml I wl jzt make it 2.5 ml.

  6. May ubo po ang baby ko ngayon. Try ko po yan. Ilang beses po sa isang araw painumin? 3 times a day rin po ba?

  7. Is pambatang solmux safe for 1 year and 5months old baby? If yes, can you tell me the rigth dosage?

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