Kopi Roti is Cooking Up Something New at 9

Kopi Roti

Kopi Roti Kopi Bun

Kopi Roti has been my go-to place when there’s a craving for Kopi Bun, the house specialty, soft bread with coffee flavored crust and sweet buttery filling, as well as “Kopi” brewed the traditional way and served with either condensed or evaporated milk. It’s branch near the airport is always visited whenever I am there to pick up a relative which I think is my most visited branch because I was always the family driver when peanutbutter wasn’t home yet.

Now that they are on their 9th year, Kopi Roti has been thinking of adding a few new creative and delicious fares alongside their classics. They are on the process of revamping their stores and the menu along with it to make way for a new, and a more exciting Kopi Roti.

Last week, I was one of the lucky bloggers invited to try these new creations.

But first, let us go and revisit some of the classics aside from the Kopi Bun above. I ordered an Iced Kopi ‘C’ to go with these…

Kopi Roti Choco Bun

Choco Bun  is much like the Kopi Bun. It is also soft bread with chocolate flavored crust and sweet buttery filling. This is Ykaie’s favorite.

Kopi Roti French Toast

French Toast  is Like your ordinary French Toast but served with Kaya spread and butter.

Kopi Roti Peanut Butter Toast

Peanut Butter Toast ~thick bread toasted to perfection, smothered with chunky peanut butter.

Soft boiled eggs are a favorite breakfast at home but Kopi Roti’s Soft Boiled Eggs is different because aside form being perfectly soft-boiled, it is served in special soya sauce and white pepper. It is soooooo good specially when you dip these….

….. Kaya Toast in it. These thinly sliced toasted bread are filled with Kaya spread and butter and it goes perfectly with creamy, salty soft boiled eggs.


These are classic Kaya Toasts with new fillings! I don’t know when they’ll be rolling this out in the stores but if you love Kaya Toast then I’m definitely sure you’ll love them.

Roti Bacon and Cheese Toast ~ Griddled roti with kaya spread, pan fried bacon, and melted cheddar cheese. This is the best combination of sweet, salty, and fatty… Kaya and bacon go so well together!

Roti Cheese Toast ~ Griddled Roti with kaya spread and melted cheddar cheese. I think this is for when you want something a little less fatty but you still want that sweet and salty combination.

Roti Egg and Cheese Toast ~ Griddled Roti with kaya spread, fried egg, and melted cheddar cheese. This feels more like the perfect breakfast for me  because of the egg.


For a minute there, these sandwiches made me forget I was eating Kopi Buns!

Kopi Bun BLT ~ Pan fried bacon, fresh lettuce and tomato on a homemade Kopi Roti kopi bun. Can you see how much bacon is in there??? Brace yourself bacon-lovers, let’s pray for this to soon be in the stores….

Kopi Bun Pulled Brisket BBQ is made up of slow braised beef brisket in adobo flavoured barbecue sauce topped with cabbage slaw on a homemade Kopi Roti kopi bun. This is my favorite among the Kopi Bun Sandwiches!

Kopi Bun Chicken Satay ~ Marinated and grilled chicken satay topped with shredded cabbage and marinated red onions on a homemade Kopi Roti bun

Hoping to see the new Kaya Toasts and these Kopi Bun Sandwiches in the stores soon! Happy 9th Anniversary Kopi Roti! Keep Rising!

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13 Responses

  1. Oh how delish everything looks. Especially the BLT made with the Kopi Bun and the Kaya toast. I think I’m in heaven.

  2. Kopi Roti’s been a go-to for me and my friends back when I lived in the South, single and had a more active social life, heehee, primarily because they had affordable coffee. But the Kopi bun was already a hit back then.

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