Passion Fruit and Basil Cordial

Passion Fruit and Basil Cordial

Passion Fruit and Basil Cordial

Hello there! I hope you had an amazing weekend…

Care to know how my weekend was spent? Well,….

  • I ran errands
  • Got our rice cooker which we sent to Breville for repairs (thank God for lifetime warranties! and cousins who work there..LOL! )
  • Went to Quiapo church with peanutbutter
  • Did the laundry which was starting to turn into a mountain
  • Started Hip Hop Abs once again because I feel like I needed to “move it”
  • Had a mean Roasted Chicken with Broccoli and Cauliflower for one of  our lunches
  • Ended Sunday night on a Date with peanutbutter in the rooftop, under the night sky…. (tipid mode)

It’s almost how our usual days go. It was such a regular weekend but we had an amazingly refreshing drink. THIS. Passion Fruit & Basil Cordial.

Passion Fruit Concentrate

Sounds fancy, huh? It’s basically Passion Fruit Juice infused with Basil but I’d like to call it that way just because it deserves such a fancy name.

I’ve always loved Passion Fruit. It’s not always available in the local wet market or palengke, though. When I was young, I remember that I only get to see Passion Fruits when my aunt and cousins bring us some as pasalubongs from Lucban, Quezon.

Last week, I found a bunch of these golden fruits at Landmark supermarket and I bought two packs of it. It costs around ₱55 per pack which contains 6-7 pieces. My original plan was to juice one of the packs and make the other as something else. We ended up drinking all the fruits we bought.

Passion Fruit and Basil Cordial

You can include the seeds in or you can strain it out. Personally, I like to include the seeds because it adds extra oomph when you pour it into glasses.

Passion Fruit and Basil Cordial

This is such a beautiful drink, don’t you think so?


Passion Fruit and Basil Cordial

  • Author: Peachy Adarne


  • 1 cup passion fruit pulp, seeds included
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • juice of 4 calamansi (or any citrus fruit like lemon)
  • a bunch of fresh basil leaves


  1. Put all ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to a boil.
  2. Let it cool into room temperature and transfer into a sterilized bottle. This is going to be your juice concentrate.
  3. To make your PASSION FRUIT AND BASIL CORDIAL, pour 1 cup of passion fruit concentrate into a large pitcher. Put a bunch of basil leaves and bruise the leaves with a wooden spoon to get the flavor out.
  4. Put lots of ice and some water/soda water. Mix well.
  5. Serve immediately.
  6. You can turn this into a cocktail by replacing the water with soda water and adding white rum or vodka.

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65 Responses

  1. Passion Fruit—-I crave it. It’s not the most easily found fruit in my part of the world. When I was visiting my friend in New Zealand, I had passion fruit EVERYTHING. Now basil I have growing in a pot on my deck. I also love cordial. What a perfectly splendid recipe!

  2. Mmm.. This sounds delicious! I have no idea where I’d passion fruit around here, but I’d love to make this— I love the addition of the calamansi juice!

  3. The date under the night sky sounds really romantic. It’s the company and conversation that count anyway, and of course, great food! 🙂 The drink looks super delicious. I want to try that!

  4. I used to eat passionfruit when I was little. My brother would even throw it to the wall so it could open. Weird, right? That drink looks yummy, though!

  5. Ah, I need this now! Pinning to try!
    You know what? My great grandmother had this plant all over her garden when I was a kid, it was clinging to the other trees and walls and I never knew what it was called!

  6. Ang cute naman ng date nyo hehe. And yes, the drink looks really lovely, and I’m sure it’s healthy and yummy, too!

  7. My grannies have lots of it in their back yard in Candelaria, Quezon and, we used to eat the fresh seeds. I want to try your procedure but I’m afraid that the fruit is not available in my favorite supermarket 🙂

  8. this post made realize that I didn’t even know what passion fruit looks like, and now I do! we do groceries at Landmark too (Trinoma), I hope I also find some this weekend, I want to try this! I also made juice the other day, but it’s camote tops juice. it’s good, but no pretty pictures like yours though 🙂

  9. I’ve had a basil lemonade and loved it, so I’m sure this passion fruit and basil beverage is awesome!!! I thought weekend were for relaxing. Looks like you keep yourself pretty darn busy!

  10. Refreshing indeed. I’ll check if we have that fruit at seafood city 🙂 perfect for the hot and humid weather that we’re having lately.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever had fresh passion fruit. Curious! I should really check out the organic market we have in the village on weekends.

  12. Lately, I’ve been thinking of making healthy juices for my family. I would like to give this a try. Very timely that I’ll have my grocery shopping tomorrow at Landmark. I’ve never tasted passion fruit before. Is it the same taste as dalandan? Thanks! 🙂

  13. The pictures and the drink itself look really great. I’d give this a try at home but I hope I learn to have a taste for healthy food. I’m really no fan of fruits and vegetables, sadly.

  14. I will recreate this recipe. By the way I love how you took your photos 😀 I will follow your blog to know more about you. Hope we can become friends.

  15. This is very refreshing drink and healthy this is the best. Perfect this summer season.

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