Jack Fritos in Angeles, Pampanga

It’s truly a memorable experience when you discover a new place that serves good food because it’s not everyday when that happens. When I received an invite to visit Jack Fritos in Angeles Pampanga, I was hesitant at first so I checked on their Facebook page to know more about what kind of food they serve. I saw Bibimbap, Japchae, and a few grilled items that piqued my interest. It’s not a secret that I love Korean food and good Korean food is enough for me to gather up the members of the Adarne family (plus my niece Cyvrine) and drive to Angeles, Pampanga the moment weekend started.

We arrived there at around 3pm and found a cozy, spacious, modern looking place that is very easy on the eyes… almost homey. It doesn’t really look like a Korean restaurant at all. I found out later that the menu wasn’t limited to Korean food, it’s actually a combination of American, Filipino, Japanese, and Korean dishes.

We had Potato Chips (₱95)  for starters. Their Potato chips is made from fresh potato with skin on and seasoned with salt and pepper to bring out its natural taste.  It’s thicker than commercial potatoes but you’ll be surprised at how crunchy it is.

Guess who took this basket of Potato Chips? Ykaie and Cyvrine, of course! I think I was only able to eat two pieces because they wanted the whole basket all to themselves.

This Beef Mustard Salad (₱285), peanutbutter got all to ourselves. You know how much I love salads — and beef! This is the second time I’ve encountered a salad with beef and I’d say this is much better that the first one. It’s made with fresh romaine, iceberg, and green ice lettuce, cherry tomatoes,and thin slices of cucumber tossed in honey mustard dressing and generously topped with super delicious grilled shortplate strips and alfalfa sprouts. The grilled shortplate strips was perfectly grilled evidenced by its smokey flavor and how tender and juicy it was. The Honey Mustard Dressing  didn’t drown out the taste of the salad too. It wasn’t overpowering unlike its mayo-based counterpart, the honey mustard dressing of this salad is more like a sweet and tangy vinaigrette.

Just looking at this Jack Fritos Onion Poutine’s (₱175) photo is making me crave for it. This poutine is made with their house french fries, (also made from fresh potatoes and fried with skin on) that is smothered with beef gravy and onion cheddar sauce. It was served to us freshly cooked and the sauce still hot from the kitchen. At first, I found the sauce to be a little thin but once it cooled down and started to thicken, it began coating each french fry. The gravy and the onion cheddar combination is so flavorful, I had to restrain myself to keep from eating it by the spoonful.

Good thing my attention was diverted to the Japchae (₱295) which I’m sure you all know because it’s a very popular Korean noodle dish. Their version is just how I like my Japchae to be — noodles with a slight shew to the bite, well-seasoned, full- flavored, and freshly cooked.

I just had to take a photo of peanutbutter trying out the Japchae….heehee

Fritos by Jack

My Jack Fritos experience won’t be complete without the “Fritos” or the fried food. They pride themselves of their fried food because it’s healthier than the usual. I was told they use a special fryer to keep it from being too oily.

We tried a sampler of their fried chickens: Original Fried Chicken, Spicy Fried Chicken, Honey Garlic Fried Chicken, Sweet Cashew Nut Fried Chicken, and Curry Fried Chicken. These are available in  either 6 pieces (₱360) or 12 pieces (₱580) serving and all served with Crispy Potato Fries and Korean radish Pickles.

The Original Fried Chicken is coated in a special breading that is infused with herbs and spices then deep-fried  to a crisp. The inside remained juicy and tender, though.

Jack Fritos wasn’t kidding with the Spicy Fried Chicken! It had me sweating and scrambling for my drink. It has a slightly sweet taste too which makes it quite addictive while making your mouth feel like on fire.

The Honey Garlic Fried Chicken is the most popular one with the kids because of it’s sweet and garlicky flavor.

I find the Sweet Cashew Nut Fried Chicken very unique because of it’s pesto-based sauce and the cashew nut bits. It’s my first time to encounter friedn chicken and nut combination.

The Curry Fried Chicken is a blend of Indian and Japanese curry. Thick curry sauce is poured on top of crispy fried chicken — I’d say this is one chicken flavor I’d love to eat with rice.

This Classic Whole Fried Chicken (₱550) is as good as fried chicken gets. It is fresh whole chicken, seasoned and deep-fried to achieve the crispy skin and tender juicy flesh and served with Fresh Potato Chips, Spicy Kyushu Sauce, Chicken Gravy and Korean Radish Pickles.  Their Kyushu sauce is a soy based Japanese Sauce that is soooo good with this fried chicken.

This is what Cyvrine loved among all the fried chickens. She prefers it without sauce, though. That should tell you this fried chicken is great even without the sauce.

Grilled Food Items from Jack Fritos

The grilling station is located outside in the al fresco area. I’m thinking many grilling moments happen here mostly during night time.

The  Jack Fritos Classic Burger (₱225) is one of the most popular item in the menu and you know why? It is made with 100% beef patty that is grilled to perfection. Grilling is carefully timed and the patty is basted regularly to ensure that you’re getting a juicy, tender, flavorful burger.

After grilling it is placed inside a buttered and toasted bun, layered with a slice of tomato, caramelized onion, cheese, and generously slathered with thyme mayo and ketchup. You have the option to add bacon (+₱50) or egg (+₱30) if you want.

For those who want their burgers but doesn’t want burger patties, then they can opt for the Jack Fritos Steak Burger (₱275) which has grilled beef strips instead. But just like the burger patty, grilling the beef is also timed to make sure they’re serving juicy and perfect beef strips.

After grilling it is placed inside a buttered and toasted bun, layered with a slice of tomato, caramelized onion, cheese, and generously slathered with thyme mayo and ketchup.

Ykaie and the burger

Teriyaki SamGyupSal  (₱280/250g) is thicker than the usual SamGyuSal I’m used to. It is also very tender, well-marinated , and grilled to perfection. Tell me, who doesn’t love grilled pork belly with a kiss of teriyaki flavor?


Of course with all these delectable food, we’ll need something to down them…

Bottomless House Iced Tea (₱85) is brewed iced tea with hint of lemon.

I think this Strawberry Shake (₱110) is made from ice cream but I detect something yogurt-y…

Same with the Mango Shake (₱110).

Jack Fritos opened in July of this year but they already acquired many regular customers because of their good food, great service, and friendly staff. Their store is located at Stall No 6 – Building B – F / F Don Juico Ave. Malabanias, Angeles City. It’s near EuroAsia Hotel  and right across from SM City Clark. For deliveries, you can call them at: 09153887000(G) / 09398947000(S). They also deliver within Timog, Quezon City and you can call them at: 411 2539.

Jack Fritos
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/j.fritos
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JackFritos
Instagram: http://instagram.com/jackfritos

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50 Responses

  1. Yummy food! Gusto ko ma-try yung poutine nila if masarap saka yung fried chicken na specialty nila. Pag nakapagroad trip kami sa Pampanga! 🙂

  2. Your posts are always making me sooo hungry! But thanks for this, we’ll drop by next time we’re in the area. Yummy!

  3. Oh my goodness, your photos are making me so hungry. I keep saying I’m going to learn to make potato chips and you have just inspired me to quit saying it and do it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. oh wow this food looks so delicious, I love korean food so much I am so due for a night out in the korean restaurant in Oxford

  5. I restaurant that focuses on fried food sounds like just about the most amazing thing ever. If I ever get to that part of the world, I’ll be checking Jack Fritos out.

  6. Amazing job on the review of this restaurant! The pictures are photographed exceptionally well, and they make all the food look so appetizing! So many of the offerings would be tempting, especially the mango shake, well and the potato chip.

  7. Ok – you had me at the Potato Chips….then the Poutine….then the rest of it, too! The chicken all looks fabulous, too! Now, I’m hungry!

  8. This food all looks so delicious! Seeing those potato chips makes me want to break out my mandolin slicer and potatoes and make some of my own. Homemade potato chips are so yummy!

  9. All the food looks so delicious i would love to try them all. I would like to try the Honey Garlic Fried Chicken first.

  10. This is awesome and a does look cozy. The food and the drinks look so amazingly delicious indeed. I would love to eat there. Thanks for sharing.

  11. my husband loves japchae.. and once he mentioned it.. my mom started making it for him every time she saw him. haha so much that i think by now he’s tired of it! it really is a challenge to find new food spots that are good. we have our reliable spots.. and though i like trying new places.. i hate being disappointed!

  12. I’m so drooling over all of your photos. I would love to eat at Jack Fritos. It would be worth the trip. I especially want those chips and Japchae.

  13. This usually isn’t my type of food, but I can see why you like it so much. Everything looks beyond amazing! The shakes look delicious, too, especially the Mango Shake. 🙂

  14. I’ve tried Korean food before, I’ve heard of “Japchae”, but it’s only now that I know that it’s like our local pancit. Anyway, as I was reading through your post, I was thinking of how much food there were on your table, haha! I wonder what their special fryers are.

    P.S. Those milkshakes look so refreshing!

  15. Oh my gosh! Parang ang sarap ng food! I’m saving this resto for when we travel up north again! Every month we try to make it a point to go out of town. Mas preferred na namin mag out of town na lang kesa maki bakbakan sa traffic ng Manila.

  16. Should have tried this when we were within the area during the horsefest. Will definitely try it out next year or when we’re in the area. Thanks for posting!

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