Soi Restaurant ~ Eat Thai. Love Thai

Soi Restaurant

It’s nice to have Thai food from time to time specially if you’re craving for something flavorsome and spicy. We had early dinner at Soi in MOA last week. We were there because we needed to buy something for Ykaie’s 7th birthday. Yup, Ykaie’s birthday is coming up this month and we’re planning to have just a small party to celebrate it, nothing grand but with a Frozen theme because she just loves Elsa.

as instagrammed…

Oh, and we were also able to buy this Grill from Ace Hardware for ₱2,500. I’m seeing a Barbecue Party coming up real soon…

Anyway,  before heading to the grocery, which is our final destination before leaving the mall, we decided to have dinner at Soi. It was actually our first time at Soi.When we are craving for Thai food, we often go to Mango Tree Bistro in Trinoma.

Soi Restaurant ~ Eat Thai. Love Thai

We ordered the popular PAD THAI (Chicken|₱248.00) just to try how their version fares to that of Mango Tree’s. It is equally tasty but I find the color a bit pale. I prefer the egg net to be a little more yellow and the noodles a little more brown.

Soi Restaurant ~ Eat Thai. Love Thai

peanutbutter and Ykaie wereboth eating rice, so we chose a few viands that should go well with it. I wanted something with shrimp paste as thai shrimp paste is a favorite. This STIR-FRIED GRILLED PORK IN SHRIMP PASTE (₱178.00) did not disappoint. It was as spicy as my peanutbutter likes it and as savory as I prefer. The green beans were tender but still with a crunch when you bite into it.

Soi Restaurant ~ Eat Thai. Love Thai

Soup was TOM YAM TALEI (₱348.00). It’s a medley of different kinds of seafood: squid, shrimp, and some fish in a sour and spicy lemongrass soup. This soup is good for the soul… but the serving is quite small. I could easily finish this bowl off if I’m really hungry or if I’m not sharing this with anyone.

Ykaie wanted chicken and I think CHICKEN LEG BARBEQUE (₱290.00) is the only item in the menu that is not spicy. The chicken was served skewered in lemongrass stalks. It was so tender and tasty too! I think the sauce on the side is barbecue sauce with a little tamarind. It was something different but it went well with the grilled chiken.

This PAPAYA SALAD (₱128.00) would go well with anything grilled. It was very spicy, even more spicy than the Stir-Fried Grilled Pork in Shrimp Paste but you’d be able to eat a lot of it because the papaya strips are cool. It was a great contrast in flavor, texture, and temperature.

I’m interested to try the other food items in Soi’s menu, so I’m definitely coming back I just don’t know when. November and December is such a busy month and I miss cooking.

How’s this day treating you so far?

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26 Responses

  1. I would have to find out if Thai food is spicy because my tummy cannot handle spicy any longer… 🙁 Never tried Thai food, but if it’s anything like Chinese I can handle that. 🙂

  2. Amazing. I have already heard that Thai foods are very spicy and delicious. These looks so yummy and delicious. I would definitely spend my money on these Thai foods, if I get a chance to visit Thailand!

  3. Thai food is my favorite. I can’t eat it at restaurants anymore because I’m allergic to fish and shellfish- so I make it at home and use a vegan fish sauce. It’s my favorite food ever!

  4. I love Thai food and I usually order Pad Thai. I’ve never tried Soi though. Will look into visiting their resto soon. 🙂

  5. Oooh I LOVE Thai food! I’m pretty sure we have a branch of Soi somewhere here in Alabang. I’ll check nga. I hope I’m right! Now craving for pad thai.

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