The Grill by Antonio’s and Sky Ranch Tagaytay

The Grill by Antonio's

The Grill by Antonio's

After just a month, I am back again in Tagaytay. This time with my SIL, her husband and his family, my MIL and FIL, and of course, peanutbutter, and Ykaie.

Having good Bulalo Soup is number one in our list that day, specially my FIL’s. We’ve tried many restaurants in Tagaytay including Leslie’s and Josephine’s but somehow we’re still looking for Bulalo that would hit the spot.

First thing’s first before Bulalo is the appetizer which is none other than Chicharong Bulaklak (₱260) or deep fried ruffle fat. It was cooked perfectly, crispy and not too oily.

The Grill by Antonio's

You can not dine at The Grill without ordering grilled food, so we had Ykaie’s favorite Grilled Liempo (₱290 for 300g) which was served with Achara on the side….

The Grill by Antonio's

and Ate Arelene’s craving which is Pork Barbecue ((₱40/stick). I think both items have some Inasal flavor because of the hints of yellow in it’s marinade.

The Grill by Antonio's
A photo before having lunch

Can you guess what our vegetable order is? This is Ginataang Monggo at Langka (₱190). It’s my first time encounter a dish that combines mung beans and jackfruit in coconut milk. I didn’t know these two can be combined together and produce a  wonderful flavor and nice texture. It’s very creamy and earthy.

The Grill by Antonio's

What excited me was the Pork Binagoongan. I was craving for bagoong for a few days before the trip and for some reason I didn’t want bagoong that can be bought from the supermarket. I was craving for my Aunt’s bagoong. When I saw Pork binagoongan in the menu, my heart leaped! Blame it on pregnancy hormones and pregnancy cravings! LOL! I was hoping for a strong bagoong taste but their version had a light, sweet flavor. I’m not saying I didn’t like it. Of course I did! This and rice was 80% of what I ate at The Grill.

The Grill by Antonio's

Finally Our big bowl of Bulalo (₱680) arrived! The Grill’s Bulalo is by far the most delicious I’ve tasted among all the restaurants in Tagaytay I’ve been to. It’s very tasty and you can tell that the flavor comes from boiling those beef shanks over a long period of time. What’s nice about it is that it doesn’t form a sebo long after you’ve eaten it.

I love the food at The Grill, the service is prompt and friendly, the atmosphere is relaxing and homey, and they have clean restrooms.

We couldn’t resist taking photos with the Taal Volcano as background after the meal… Then it’s Sky Ranch afterwards!

Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Ykaie and daddy rode Ykaie’s favorite Nessi Coaster.

Then we had picturres taken together with the human statues.

Ykaie wanted to give the trampoline a try and she enjoyed three minutes jumping up and down!

I forgot what this ride was called but it involves pedaling your way into it. peanutbutter was so tired after because he’s the only one doing the muscle work for this ride. I could tell he enjoyed every minute of it too.

We really love going to Tagaytay. I wonder when and where our next staycation in Tagaytay will be…..

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