Give Your Family 100% #AbsoluteLove With Absolute Distilled Water


You all know I started my healthy journey last year and part of it is being active. I try to work out 3-5 times a week. On weekends, that’s when I encourage my family to work-out with me. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t. Ykaie and peanutbutter doesn’t really like the work-out I do at home because they get bored easily. And of course, since Twinkle is still a baby, it’s difficult to include her on the work-out routine.

I’ve been thinking about something we could do that’s fun and exciting and yet will encourage the whole family to be active. Last weekend, we decided to go on a picnic at La Mesa Ecopark. I figured that going on a picnic would encourage movement since there are a lot of activities at the park. I was right.



The last time I’ve been to La Mesa Ecopark was ten years ago. It’s such a huge park and we enjoyed walking and running and just basically taking in nature and the fresh air that it provides. For P50 entrance fee, di ka na lugi. There’s a playground too where the kids can play.

Twinkle is a ball of energy and she really enjoyed the slides.



After letting Twinkle play on the playground, we decided to go biking. We rented two bikes for an hour. One of them with a side car for Twinkle and, surprisingly…. me. Twinkle didn’t like to sit there with anyone but me. So instead of being able to practice my bike-riding skillz, I just sat there with Twinkle so she can enjoy the ride.

It was a hot afternoon and we were always thirsty. Buti na lang we brought lots of Absolute Distilled Water with us . I’m lucky that my kids like drinking water all the time so there’s no problem in keeping them hydrated.

Encouraging my family to be active is only one of the ways on how I show them I love them. We mothers show our love for our family in many ways. We cook delicious food for them, we make sure our house is clean and germ-free, especially for our babies, we cheer on our kids when they have presentation, we help them with school projects, we spend quality time with them, and of course, we make sure we give them clean drinking water all of the time.

But how do you make sure you give the safest and cleanest drinking water for them? With all the brands and kind of water being sold everywhere, I’m sure there are times when you get confused. Ano nga ba ang pipiliin ko? Mineral Water? Purified Water? Or Distilled Water? Minsan our tendency is to buy the most economical so we can buy more BUT when it comes to water, QUALITY is as important as quantity.

With all the water-borne diseases caused by unclean water, we have to make sure that our family only consumes clean and safe water. How do we do that? By understanding the difference in between mineral, purified and distilled water.

  • Mineral water comes unprocessed, which makes it filled with various minerals like calcium and magnesium. It is bottled straight from the source and can be in the form of sparkling or still waters. Ito yung water na may kakaibang lasa pag ininom mo, brought about by the minerals found in it.
  • Purified water goes through a certain process to ensure other impurities are removed. It may come from any source but as long as it goes through a purification system that functions properly, the water will almost always be very fit for drinking.
  • Distilled water is known to be the purest form of water because of the added step in water filtration that ensures that the water undergoes the most stringent distillation process. This additional process eliminates the minerals and all solid residues from the water source that may include toxic metals and chemicals. Thus, making this the cleanest and purest water of choice.

When you say DISTILLATION, it means that the purified water is further boiled out of it contaminants such as inorganic minerals, metals, bacteria, salt, etc. which has high boiling points. The water is then turned into steam leaving those contaminants behind.  The  pure water steam is captured and cooled. Then condensed back into water. Taking purified water one step safer. This becomes distilled water.

Absolute is 100% distilled water. It has undergone thorough purification and distillation process, making it the cleanest and safest water for your baby and family.

It is certified and approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs for meeting the country’s highest and strictest bottled drinking water standards. It is also certified by the National Sanitation Foundation International, one of the world’s most trusted certification organizations and a member of the International Bottled Water Association that ensures compliance among bottled water makers around the world. O, diba?

I really trust Absolute Distilled Water. As a matter of fact, it was Twinkle’s water ever since she was born. I was only able to breastfeed for a month and she was formula fed after. And that’s the water that I used for her milk. It gave me 100% peace of mind then and it’s giving me 100% peace of mind now knowing I only give the safest and purest form of water for my family.



One more thing I love about it is that they have #AbsoluteDisney bottles! It comes in 250ml sizes which kids like Twinkle can hold on their own. Tingnan nyo si Twinkle, walang pakialam basta sya iinom ng water. She won’t let that bottle go unless it’s empty… heehee. (Kailangan magkasalubong ang kilay pag umiinom?)


After all the activities we did, including firing, syempre pagod at gutom na…. which means rest and merienda time! It’s important to have balance, so we brought different kinds of fruits like watermelon, papaya, pineapple, and cantaloupe, sandwiches, cookies, cake….


and chips.. which Twinkle doesn’t want to let go of.




Ykaie and Twinkle loved the family picnic as did peanutbuttter and I. I think going to the park is going to be a weekend thing. It’s a great family bonding activity, it’s not that expensive, and it encourages movement. It brings us closer to nature pa.

Give Your Family 100% #AbsoluteLove With Absolute Distilled Water

Most of all it promotes the healthy habit of keeping hydrated and drinking lots of water. There are several kinds of drinking water out in the market, us mothers should only choose the one that lives up to its highest standards of safety and cleanliness and that’s Absolute Distilled Drinking Water.

Remember mommies, that giving the purest water to our family conveys giving them our purest love. 100% Pure Love = Absolute 100% Distilled Water.

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20 Responses

  1. Love how you worded the part about how we show love by taking care of our families. Very creative.

  2. Awesome pictures. Seems you all had greta fun. Family picnics are the best times. I would try this distilled water too if its available here. Thank you.

  3. I love this post! Family picnics are the best! That water looks so refreshing. I have never heard of it, but now I definitely want to try it!

  4. I’m a big believer in only consuming super clean water! I love that you involve your kids in your workouts over the weekend.

  5. Such a cute place for a family outing. I love the bike with the side car! I’ve never seen one of those before and it seemed like it worked out perfectly!

  6. such a beautiful family, Thank you for sharing ! that’s so important learning about the difference in water.

  7. Looks like a fun day with the family. Your post was very informative on the types of water!

  8. How nice that you’ve found a way to include fun exercise with your family and though not familiar with Absolute water I too prefer distilled water

  9. I could get the kids to drink these because of the cute labels. They need to drink more water and usually, when we’re out and about I can get them to drink more.

  10. Aaaaw…this is very sweet! Taking time away from your fitness routine to have fun with your family is very nice. And surely, you had to much fun activities going on. Anyway, on a hot day , it’s important to take clean water to hydrate your bodies…what a way to care for your family with absolute distilled water!

  11. So many different ways to drink water. At the end of the day, water is water no matter how you drink it. Different types of water are just referring to whatever may be in the water. So distilled water in theory is just 100% pure water. But it is possible for other chemicals that have a lower boiling point (or boiling point near water) to make it into distilled water.

  12. Looks like it would be so fun out there. The play area looks like a lot of fun. And going bicycling with the whole family would be awesome. Looks like you were all prepared for your day.

  13. I really like the taste of distilled water, and definitely prefer it over Spring water, which has a weird aftertaste in my opinion. I will give this brand a try!

  14. I have to go on a picnic as well. It’s been a while since I last went on one. This park is so awesome. We don’t have a big park like this where I live. But we have the forest nearby, which is perfect for picnic and barbeques.

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