Hearty Pan Chicken Set From Pancake House

Hearty Pan Chicken Set from Pancake House

Hearty Pan Chicken Set From Pancake House

It was a Wednesday and I attended a really nice event where three industry leaders renewed their commitment for environmental sustainability. Ykaie didn’t have classes at the time because it was their school’s foundation day so these two drove me to the event and waited for me until it was over.

Late lunch followed at Pancake House in Banawe. We wanted to try their new Hearty Pan Chicken Set. We chose to have it in their Banawe branch because it’s on the way home and nearer to where we live.

Hearty Pan Chicken Set From Pancake House

It was actually our first time in this branch and we were glad that lunch time was over because there were a few customers around. It was quaint place but still has that familiar homey ambience that Pancake House is known for.

Hearty Pan Chicken Set From Pancake House

Ykaie loves their Pan Chicken so we thought she would love the Hearty Pan Chicken Set.

The Hearty Pan Chicken Set includes 5 pieces of their famous crispy and tasty Pan Chicken, a plate of House Salad and three scoops of Mashed Potato all for just ₱568.00.

The House salad is made with fresh greens, tomatoes, carrots, hard-boiled egg, and cheese bits and is served with Thousand Island dressing. This set is good enough for two to three persons but it can also be good for five, you just need to order extra rice.

I’m sure you’ll love the Hearty Pan Chicken Set because it’s worth your money. If you’re not a Mashed Potato person, you can have it served with rice instead.

Hearty Pan Chicken Set From Pancake House

It was my first time to try their mashed potato and I love how buttery it was!

Hearty Pan Chicken Set From Pancake House

peanutbutter had their soup of the day which was Cucumber and Mushroom.

While we had an extra order of their Beef Tapa because Ykaie is craving for it. This is one of Ykaie’s favorite meals. The beef is flavorful and tender and look how perfectly cooked the sunny side up egg was!

peanutbutter and Ykaie shared a glass of Rootbeer Float while I had a nice glass of cold Orange Juice. Ykaie tried to get the vanilla ice cream from the top of the glass, so all the foam clung on her lips..heehee.

#CravingSolved at lunch that day!

The Hearty Pan Chicken Set is available in all  Pancake House outlets nationwide until March 31, 2015.

For more details, you can drop by http://www.pancakehouse.com.ph/

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55 Responses

  1. Ykaie!! Ang cute mo talaga! 🙂
    Must try this with kailee and connor as they super love fried chicken!!

    See you soon Peachy!!


  2. We have International House of Pancakes in the US and it is one of my favorite places to eat. They don’t have the foods you mentioned above! That Vanilla Float looks yummy!!

  3. That Hearty Pan Chicken Set looks so yummy! I love buttery mashed potatoes so I know I’d love to give those a try <3

  4. We love everything about Pancake House! That’s our go-to place, especially, the kids love their chicken and of course, pancakes! 🙂

  5. That all looks super delicious! I am craving a rootbeer float all of a sudden! Also, that cucumber soup looked awesome!

  6. PH’s serving is getting smaller and smaller these days 🙁 Last time we ate on their Katipunan branch, we waited for so long to be made bitin of the serving. But I love your photos, made me hungry for PH again.

  7. That’s the way to drink a rootbeer float — leave a mustache on your face! 🙂 I have friends who are crazy over Pancake House’s chicken. Me, I love their breakfast sets — their tapa with vinegar and friend rice is the best! Last time I was there was a few months back on the way to Batangas with friends. We stopped by Sta. Rosa and had a leisurely brunch.

  8. I so want to eat some beef tapa right now it looks so delicious, I would even consider the cucumber and mushroom soup even though I do like mushroom soup

  9. This restaurant looks absolutely amazing!! I am craving that cucumber mushroom soup!! I am definitely going to look for something like this in my area!

  10. Each and every food photos of yours never fails to amaze me! Awesome as always! and oh, you made me hungry at this time of the day :).

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