Steppin’ It Up With Listerine

Steppin' It Up With Listerine

I’m counting it in my mind but I cannot recall how many food trips I’ve had in my life. Well, I probably had too many but who’s counting? It’s one of the things that I really enjoy and I consider an adventure. But last week, I experienced a different kind of food tripping with Listerine at Eastwood.

Steppin' It Up With Listerine

Listerine launched an event called Step Up Your Food Trip With Listerine. They partnered up with healthy food enthusiast like Yummy Diet, V Kitchen, Faburrito, Lunchbox Diet, Jamba Juice, Dr. Tams, Jusa, Dole, Gandiva Cafe, Coco Green, Wrap Battle, Gold Press Juicing, Pam’s Choices, Go Salad, Fitness Gourmet, Gana Vida, and The Sandwich Guy.

Steppin' It Up With Listerine

This event aims to show that through food — how with just 1 twist (whether ingredient, cooking style, or preparation), you can easily change your diet from good (tasty) — to great (tasty and healthy).

Steppin' It Up With Listerine

Each healthy food enthusiast had their own booth and they provided samples of their food which we were able to try.

The event was hosted by Chef Carlo Miguel and Sam Oh. Chef Carlo Miguel shared his journey on losing weight and even had a cooking demo. He prepared healthy and tasty food which he shared with all the participants in the event.

I had the time of my life trying out food that are not only delicious and tasty but also healthy. I had the Egg and Ham Muffin from Yummy Diet, Soy Chicken Pasta and Pesto from Pam’s Choices, Mozzarella Sticks from V Kitchen, and Caesar Salad Sushi from Fitness Gourmet.

I also tried the Adobo Glazed Pulled Pork with Jalapeno Corn Loaf from Lunchbox Diet, Orange Gilt from Gold Press Juicing, Kale and Apple Smoothie from Jamba Juice, and the Cucumberade from Gandiva Cafe.

Here’s my Banana Berry from Jamba Juice, Adobo Glazed Pulled Pork with Jalapeno Corn Loaf from Lunchbox Diet, and Vegan Cheese Sticks from V Kitchen.

Listerine had set-up rinsing stations in different parts of the venue, to show how easy it was to step up your oral health. They provided Listerine mouthwash which we can use after trying out the different kinds of food.

This aims to showcase how easy it is to make the change and step up our current habit of just brushing alone to adding one vital step towards a healthier mouth.

I can’t believe that everything I had during the event are delicious and healthy at the same time! It is really easy to step up our eating habits if we know what kind of food to eat or how to prepare them in a healthier way.

At the same time, it made me realize how I can still improve on my oral care habit with just one easy step — by rinsing with Listerine after brushing. It only takes a few seconds and it will clean virtually 100% of the mouth. Only Listerine has that unique formulation of 4 essential oils is scientifically proven to break through and remove the biofilm layer (that’s this slippery layer on your teeth you can feel with your tongue).

Once you start rinsing with Listerine, you’ll not only remove that layer of Biofilm and keep your mouth healthy, you’ll even transform your mouth into something you can see and feel. These are fresher breath from the 1st rinse, cleaner / whiter teeth that you can feel (not slimy) on the 7th day, healthier gums on the 14th day, and stronger  teeth on the 21st day.

Oh, and hey, I have a new favorite Listerine Variant too! Check out Listerine Total Care Total, the hero variant with 6 benefits in 1. It is the most advanced and complete Listerine that reduces plaque, protects healthy gums, strengthens teeth against cavities, prevent tartar to keep teeth naturally white, kills germs, and provides up to 24 hours fresh breath.

Let’s all step up our eating and oral care habits. Let’s Step it up with Listerine!

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86 Responses

  1. I have been using Listerine for years now. I love how it always leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean!

  2. This seems like a super nice event. Kudos to Listerine, partnering brands, and the team that’s put all these together. I love the set-up and more importantly, this is a great campaign that they’re doing. Proper oral care is the way to go.

  3. That looks like such a fun event! It’s great that they were showcasing healthy eating as well as their own product. I’ve used Listerine in the past and tend to forget to use it now! I’ll have to get back to that one easy step.

  4. I want those vegan cheese sticks! All the food looks good. I’m out of Listerine and need to put it on my shopping list. Looks like a fun event.

  5. Wow, so many yummy looking foods here! I’m jealous you got to try them all!
    I read yesterday that you should use mouthwash with alcohol in it, does Listerine use alcohol?

  6. What a great way to demonstrate how easy it is to make your meals healthier, and to make your teeth and gums healthier too! It looks like they had some very talented chefs there too!

  7. I have never attended this type of event before, but I’d have probably loved this one! Plus, they had vegan cheesesticks – even better. 😉

  8. How awesome is this! We’ve been using listerine for as long as I can remember. It’s the only stuff I find that doesn’t burn!

  9. What a cool event to attend! We use Listerine all the time. It’s our favorite mouth wash.

  10. I love that he shared his weight loss journey, and his food. 🙂 We like Listerine products here.

  11. I consider myself a foodie so that is definitely my kind of event. Wish I was there to witness it. And with regards to listerine, we are big fans. Our day is not complete with it. 🙂

  12. That looks like such a fun Listerine event, they really know how to throw a party, don’t they? I love Listerine, I make sure that we always have mouthwash in the bathroom – it’s so important to use mouthwash every day to maintain healthy teeth and gums!

  13. What a brilliant event – I wish we had that kind of excitement here in the UK for brands! I must admit I am not a huge fan of mouthwash as I swallowed a huge gulp when I was younger and it’s freaked me out since, but I do love the smell of it!

  14. That food looks so good! I love Listerine. Our whole family uses it, even the kids have their own kids Listerine.

  15. This sounds like it was an amazing event indeed and I love how the healthy foods teamed up with Listerine. I have not yet tried the Listerine Total Care Total so I will be picking some up. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Cool! I actually recognize my chef friend Carlo Miguel in the pics! Awesome that he is featured! What a wonderful event by Listerine. Thanks for sharing the pics and your perspective!

  17. I live listerine! There mouth wash is my favorite because I can actually “feel” it working! I hate it when you can’t tell mouthwash is in your mouth lol

  18. This looks like an amazing event! The food looks great and so does the overall setup. We’re an avid fan of Listerine!

  19. yay! that’s our mouthwash since were kids… love the taste of it and it’s really really refreshing.. this seems like a fun event too… never been to a food fair and this one looks great… ^_^

  20. Ohh all the food looked delicious. Diet food services are stepping it up with their marketing. It’s good to see Yummydiet in this event.

  21. Good thing they don’t just focus with their product but as well they partner it with delicious food and campaigning it in a good way. For sure you just not had a happy tummy but cool breaths too!

  22. Okay, first of all, these are my kind of trips! I’m such a foodie. Love the idea that one small change in your diet can dramatically change it towards a more healthy one!

  23. Mouthwash and flossing are where I never do a good enough job. It’s kind of dumb too, since mouthwash is so easy to use. Looks like you got to try a lot of great food also.

  24. Hello Peachy Adarne… I use Listerine for 4 years, its fresh and amazzing. I hope you will give more valuable information netx time. Thank you Peachy

  25. Excuse me Miss Peachy… May I know what is the best method to save listerine? Thank you miss Peachy

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