It’s Shakey’s Time… Anywhere, Anytime!

It's Shakey's Time... Anywhere, Anytime!

Shakey’s has never failed to share good times and great memories with us. Whenever we feel that there’s a cause for small celebration or whenever we feel like it, we always go to Shakey’s to  enjoy our favorite pizza and a basket of Chicken N’ Mojos. Sometimes we even add some pasta, salad, and desserts in our meal as Shakey’s menu is full of items we like to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

When the craving hits us at home and we are too lazy to go out, we just dial 77-777 or log on to Shakey’s website to order.

It's Shakey's Time... Anywhere, Anytime!

Shakey’s knows how valuable our time is and they have managed to once again, step up and reach out to their customers by bringing Shakey’s at the palm of our hands through their new Shakey’s App.

It's Shakey's Time... Anywhere, Anytime!

The App can be downloaded  from the Play Store or App Store and you can begin tapping your fingers to enjoy Shakey’s Time! Anytime, Anywhere.

#Repost @iamlevym with @repostapp. ・・・ Thanks @ayvino for going to the event on my behalf.

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Last week, the Shakey’s App was launched at the newest store in Bonifacio Stopover in BGC. peanutbutter ( attended the event on my behalf as I am currently on bedrest.  There he is with our pretty kumares to be: Badet and Levy.

Our favorites!

Now there’s more than one way you can enjoy your favorite at Shakey’s! You can either dial, log-in, or just tap your fingers!

To know more about the Shakey’s App, you may visit any Shakey’s or log on to You may also like or follow @PHshakeys on Twitter and @ShakeysPH on Instagram

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22 Responses

  1. Shakey’s is one of our choices if we want food delivery but after our not so good experience with them last March, hindi na kami naulit.

  2. That’s my hubby’s favorite pizza! It’s great to know they have that app already.. Now it’s more convenient to order. He actually surprises us every once in awhile by ordering shakeys online and having it delivered to us.. while he’s abroud.

  3. I love Shakey’s! During the first trimester of all my three pregnancies, I constantly craved for Shakey’s pizza. So, I guess you can say my kids are Shakey’s babies. hahaha! Great to know that they now have an app. Makes ordering easier for me.

  4. I had been ordering to Shakey’s through my phone 🙂 It’s very nice they accept online payments when I don’t have cash in my wallet 🙂

  5. I love Shakey’s! Classic comfort food ang mojos nila. I’m glad they have such a cool app to make ordering easier. Thanks for sharing this!

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