PLDT Launches The Regine Series Mall Tour Featuring The Latest PLDT Landline Telsets

PLDT Launches The Regine Series Mall Tour Featuring The Latest PLDT Landline Telsets

Last Sunday was one of my best Sundays, I was able to attend the first (among five concerts) of The Regine Series Mall Tour held at Robinsons Magnolia. The Regine Series Mall Tour is a concert tour featuring Regine Velasquez-Alcasid brought to us by PLDT Home free and open to the public.

A total of 50 special seats will be raffled off to PLDT subscribers from GMM, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, and Pampanga who avail of any of The Regine Series Telephone Set (telset) upgrades prior to actual concert dates.

As I’ve said earlier, the first concert was held at Robinsons Magnolia last Sunday. DJ Joel and Dj Pam of Wave 89.1 opened and hosted the show.

PLDT Launches The Regine Series Mall Tour Featuring The Latest PLDT Landline Telsets

During the first part of the concert, three of the most popular Regine Impersonators sang their hearts out. First to sing was “Regina”, who wowed the audience with her high voice. She can do birit after birit and she really sounds like Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

The second Regine impersonator was “Ate Reg” who doesn’t only sound like Regine but also looks a lot like her in some angles! She even moves like Regine as she has acquired even her mannerisms and facial expressions.

The third Regine Impersonator was “Anton Diva”, the one I’m most familiar with because she starred with Regine in the movie Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw. She also sounds like Regine and can do her birits.

Michael Pangilinan, the one who sang Bridges of Love, was the final performer before the Asia’s Songbird came out and showed her vocal prowess on stage.

From the first song up to the last, Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid’s performance did not disappoint. I even had goosebumps listening to her!

Truly, this is a concert one shouldn’t miss!

For those who missed it, no worries. You can still catch the Regine Series Mall Tour at four other venues:

PLDT Launches The Regine Series Mall Tour Featuring The Latest PLDT Landline Telsets

And if you want to be qualified for the raffle to get a special seat on her concerts, just avail of PLDT Home’s Regine Series of Telephone Sets and Call Plans.

Here are the limited edition Regine Series Telephone Sets:

The Classic

This is my favorite among the bunch with it’s shiny red exterior… I find it really cute. You can get this for ₱75/month for 18 months. Other features includes:

  • Built-in Caller ID Display
  • Last Number Redial
  • Mute Flash/Pause Function

Corded Red and Corded White

You can get this for ₱75/month for 18 months. Other features includes:

  • Built-in Caller ID Display
  • Last Number Redial
  • Speed Dial
  • Call Log


This is the black telset on the far right. You can get this for ₱99/month for 24 months. Other features includes:

  • Built-in Caller ID Display
  • Answering Machine
  • Phone Book
  • Call Log

As for the CALL PLANS:

One Philippines – Unlimited PLDT-to-PLDT NDD calls and ₱10/call to SMART, Talk ‘N Text for just ₱75/month

One World IDD Call Plan –  15 fee IDD minutes/month to select international destinations and ₱2.00 per minute in excess, for just ₱50/month.

To know more about the Regine Series Mall Tour,the Regine Series Landline units and Call Plans, log on to

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127 Responses

  1. I am glad to hear that Regine V. still has the voice that made her rich and famous and she can still perform live and cause goosebumps. I was reading how her voice had been deteriorating so I was worried about her.

  2. We’ve cut our PLDT line for at least 8 years but we recently signed up for a landline with them. I wonder if they can give us the red classic phone on top of our existing line, lol. I like it 🙂

  3. My wife would be happy to watch Regine live. Sad to say, the other dates are all to be held at QC. Sayang wala sa near Alabang.

  4. The Regine series is a big throwback! Haha! I remember back then when phones used to be like that. We’re planning to try out PLDT’s landline plan since we were a Globe subscriber before and it sucks! I hope PLDT could bring us better service. I’d want the cordless one with the answering machine as I’m usually out.

  5. Sounds like a great and interesting event! Really great way to promote, advertise and find out about a new product! Very cool!

  6. The classic red phone is really nostalgic, hehehe, I want to own one. Now, I will entertain the PLDT telemarketers who frequently call and offer us to upgrade.

  7. That looks like it was fun event. Anytime there’s a band involved, you know you’re going to have a good time.

  8. I couldnt stop looking at the fashion! Cute event and the phones are super vintage now wow look how far phones have came!

  9. Wow! Philippines Malls are really happening. I wish to have concert like this in our local mall that we can enjoy after that proceed with our shopping on weekend.

  10. Nice, I’ve never heard of her! This kind of reminds me of American Idol auditions in malls except different of course. I bet it was neat to watch either way!

  11. I received a call from PLDT to upgrade my phone, but because I don’t understand what the CRS is telling me, I just interrupted her by saying, “I am not interested”. But reading your post, gives me a second thought. Why not try this one, PHp75/month is not that big burden to carry. I love also the CLASSIC one!

  12. This is a good show since it not only featured Regine but his best impersonators as well. It’s also nice to see the classic telephone look back.

  13. My mom had a red phone years ago and she just loved it. I haven’t seen one in years, what a fun memory!

  14. This looks like it would be a fun event indeed. I would love to get into this raffle if we had that service here. The Classic series is totally amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I will need to check out this lanline in my area. My kids still need a home phone because we don’t all have cell phones.

  16. Looks like a fun event. I don’t think that I heard about this before now. I bet you had fun.

  17. Sounds like it was a very fun event. Love all the photos too! I’ll have to check more into this landline. Thanks for sharing with us!

  18. I haven’t heard of Regine before. It could be that I don’t live in the Philippines. I bet my friend who moved here from there has though.

  19. The Classic Telephone Set in red looks really cute! I don’t think I’ll use landlines anymore soon though. Mobile phones are so much more convenient and applicable in our daily lives.

  20. Ang cute nung classic!! Parang oldies na kikay lang. hehehe. For sure I’ll have a goosebump din listening to regine.. Whew!

  21. The prices are really affordable! I’m also envious that you were able to watch Regine Velasquez sing live. She has such a powerful voice!

  22. Having the original songbird and her “copycats” ( no pun intended hehe) have a concert is a really great and very entertaining Idea! I wish that they’d do this to all other ka-look alikes of famous celebs here in the Philippines.. I’m now curious about the phone as well… :3

  23. This looks like a fun and entertaining event. The telephone set was super cute loved the color!

  24. I just heard a radio ad for this yesterday. Yay, so perfect for me now because we’re moving into our new home soon and will be applying for a new PLDT line!

  25. Looks like a great event 🙂 We decided to forego landline already since we don’t use it that much anymore. Good to know that this service is made even more affordable now 🙂

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