#MyMamonMinion from Monde Mamon-It-Yourself

#MyMamonMinion from Monde Mamon-It-Yourself

Bello, BanaNaaaa!!

Ahh, who can forget the Minions, these adorable small, yellow creatures who my daughter wants to keep as a pet. Even I love them and we always make sure to include Despicable Me or Despicable Me 2 as one of the movies on family movie nights at home.

So when Monde invited us for a special screening of the latest Minions movie last July 11, 2015. We were all very happy to go… Yes, including the latest addition to our family.. little Twinkle.

#MyMamonMinion from Monde Mamon-It-Yourself

Ykaie was very excited and dressed up in her Minions outfit. She had her Minions shirt, headband,Β  and bracelet. She even brought her Stuart stuffed toy along!

#MyMamonMinion from Monde Mamon-It-Yourself

Monde made sure every movie goer gets to sample their latest product by placing a booth just outside the cinema. Upon entering, we were also given a pretty white box which contains a Monde Chocolate Muffin and a couple of Monde Crispy Waffles to snack on while watching the movie. How I wish I brought a cup of coffee with me! It would have been a perfect match with the muffin and the waffle.

We really enjoyed watching the Minions. Ykaie was smiling the whole time. peanutbutterβ™₯ and I couldn’t understand a thing Stuart, Bob, And Kevin said but we were laughing. Monde was very generous and gave us some Monde products to take home.

It was my first time to try out the Monde Muffins which came in Chocolate and Blueberry flavor. The muffins were moist and are perfect for breakfast along with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. It can also be the perfect baon for school. Ykaie and peanutbutterβ™₯ both loved the chocolate but my favorite was the Blueberry. I also loved the Monde Crispy Waffle (Butter and Blueberry flavor) which tasted like butter cookies filled with blueberries.

The Monde Belgian Waffle, which came in Classic and Cinnamon flavor, was a nice surprise. Just warm it up and it really does taste like those belgian waffles you can buy from restaurants. It even has those crispy sugar bites inside.

The one Ykaie was waiting for was the Mamon Minion Maker Kit, of course!

Monde partnered with Universal Studios and launched the My Monde Mamon Minions. For a limited period of time, every pack of Mamon Classic 6s will contain a FREE Mamon Minion Maker Kit! Creating these Mamon Minons will allow mommies and their kids to spend more time together and nurture their special bond.

The Minion Maker Kit contains yellow frosting, candy minion eyes, and black fondant.

All you have to do is spread the yellow frosting on top of your Monde Mamon. Assemble the minion eyes on top of the frosting. Then use the black fondant to create the goggle holder and their mouths. Se easy and fun to do!

Ykaie and I had loads of fun making these mamon minions!

Voila! Two super cute Monde Mamon Minions! Our finished product…

This is what I love about Monde, they create an opportunity for families to have an extra special bonding together through their Monde Mamon-It-Yourself. It encourages creativity, fun, togetherness, and of course, yummy moments. This reminds me of the Summer Mamon-It-Yourself Bonding with Ykaie.

I can’t wait to make other things with the other Monde products I have here at home. I’m sure it’ll give us hours of family bonding moments.

Get to know more about these Mamon Minion Makers and other delicious Monde products by liking the Monde Facebook Page or by visiting the Monde website.

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151 Responses

  1. I like Monde Mamon and it’s really delicious. I use it as my regular breakfast meal. It’s also nice that they have the minions in their packaging now. It makes it more attractive to kids.

  2. I love Monde’s mamon though I’m not a fan of Minions. But I must admit, this promo they did is really cute and fun! I would love to do this with my inaanaks (godchildren). This is a good way to bond with children and enjoy a delicious mamon after.

  3. Aww, that looks soooo cute and fun! I want my own minion kit. It’s not just for kids, right? πŸ™‚

  4. Adorable! I was a huge fun of cartoons growing up (still am), and although i can’t remember watching the minions they sure look interesting watching your daughter holding one of those.

  5. We don’t have this brand here, but I totally wish we did. I love the minions! This stuff is so cool.

  6. This is a fantastic idea! I love ideas like this that get kids involved in “cooking.” Getting them in the kitchen with mom and/or dad paves the way for a healthy relationship with food later in life.

  7. Looks like you two are having a great time. I love the picture of you and your daughter with the cupcakes.

  8. I love the minions too and I agree with you that they really did provide some great products along with the opportunity to be creative and have some great quality family time. Those muffins sound wonderful!

  9. Oh my!! So much fun πŸ™‚ My nephew and our six year old would have loved to go to this party…they are Minion fools πŸ™‚ I have never tried Monde products, but will have to check them out!!

  10. What a fun night! My family loves the Minions, too, and that food looks so delicious. Your kids are adorable.

  11. My little girl also likes the Minions. I also buy Monde mamon, but haven’t noticed their muffin in the supermarket. Will try it out next time.

  12. I’m 100% sure we don’t have this in Canada. I’ve never seen anything like it before. How awesome. My kids LOVE minions!

  13. MINIONS! πŸ™‚ My second love. First is STITCH. ❀

    You’re so lucky you were given those special screening pass. I was only able to watch Minion through video streaming just a week before it was release here in the Philippines (hehe sshh!)

    Never tried those mamons. But soonest. hihi

  14. Those snacks look fabulous! I would love to try the build your own Minion cupcake! We haven’t seen the movie yet, but we are hoping to be able to see it in the next couple of weeks!

  15. Those are cute. My son is obsessed since we saw that movie. He just loves all things minions now.

  16. You just reminded me how I used to like mamon. I wish I can find that in CA too. Mamon minion making with googly eyes sounds fun and delicious! YUM!

  17. This is so much fun to do especially for the kids. It’s gets them all excited and what’s great is that it boosts their imagination too.

  18. Haven’t seen the movie nor tried this Minion offering from Monde, we don’t watch tv and I’d rather bake my own mamon just so I know what ingredients go in them hehe. OC! But it looks like you had fun and enjoyed Monde’s mamon. Good for you. πŸ™‚

  19. Our pantry never runs out of Monde mamon! I also recently discovered their Belgian Waffles. And after seeing the cream puffs in one of your photos, I immediately placed it in my grocery list! =))

  20. Our family actually buys Monde Mamon but we haven’t tried their Minions Maker. First time I heard of it, I’m glad you shared it here. Definitely fun to try coz we’re all Minions fanatics!

  21. My son is bugging me to buy him This Monde Mamon. He wants to bring it daw to school kaso he’s messy when he eats e. We failed to watch the movie on theater. Sayang.

  22. I’ll be getting some but I’ll be the one to make the minions, haha, my daughter is still a little girl but I’ll let her help and make a mess.

  23. We love Minion mamons! They’re so fun to make and making them is a teachable moment. Too sweet nga lang for me!

  24. Shucks. Is there anything I can say here aside from ‘this is awesome’?! I remember seeing my officemates getting a pack of that one and designing a minion mamon right there. I wonder if it’s still in the marker (though obviously, minion fever here in Manila is already overβ€”if not close to be over).

  25. I love her outfit! I have seen minion cupcakes on Facebook and I have wondered where they got the recipe and instructions. Now I know it is from Monde! Cool.

  26. Congrats on the new addition to your family! πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen the movie yet and haven’t tried the Monde DIY kit. It seems nice though, perfect for the kids! πŸ™‚

  27. Ang tagal ko na nagplan nito for the kids, but I can’t find them from the nearest grocery store here. Yung plain mamon lang meron. Baka parati akong huli at laging nauubusan. HUHU

  28. I bought this I guess a month ago. And I would say my nieces and nephews love it. Thanks Monde πŸ™‚

  29. My son loves Minnions also, but we were not able to watch the movie since he wants to attend the another event. But we collected the MCDO happy meal toys and he enjoy his monde mamon making

  30. Is this a FIlipino brand? I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it! I want my firstborn to try that when we’re back in Manila πŸ™‚
    Aww so cute you brought your little baby. Did you have a hard time? I struggle bringing my 2 kids out haha.

  31. My Kids are crazy about these adorable minions too and i have made several trips back to the grocery to get these. cute!

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