Daiso Japan For Your Rainy Day Essentials at the Best Prices

You’ll always find me rummaging through the shelves at Daiso Japan whenever I’m at any Robinsons Mall big or small. I love them because they carry beautiful, adorable, stuff which I love to hoard. I hoard them because they are affordable.

This rainy month of August I hope you don’t get wet from sudden downpours, but I wish you’re stocked up on these practical yet inexpensive rainy day essentials from Daiso Japan.

Daiso Japan For Your Rainy Day Essentials at the Best Prices

Umbrellas at Daiso Japan come in signature kawaii motifs and are made of clear vinyl for added visibility especially when crossing the streets. For good measure, toss in an umbrella holder to keep splatters to a minimum.

Not an umbrella-toting type of person? Not to worry because you can still brave the rains on a work day and still stay dry with Daiso Japan’s chic raincoats. They are lightweight, practical and can be folded and packed inside your bag. Get your pet a matching raincoat, too, with protective raingear for furry friends to keep them warm and fuzzy. With colors that are bright and cheerful, these raincoats promise to chase the day’s gloominess away.

Daiso Japan For Your Rainy Day Essentials at the Best Prices

Shoes can easily get musty and smelly during the rainy days which can also mean stinky feet! Avoid unpleasant odor by using a shoe deodorizer from Daiso Japan. Be sure to air dry your footwear overnight before using this product.

A damp room is the last thing you want to go home to after a rain-soaked day. Keep a dehumidifier on hand to reduce air moisture inside the house. A dehumidifier also helps prevent the growth of mold and eliminate musty odor.

Finally, protect your bikes with a nifty water- and dust-resistant bike cover that fits most kinds of bicycles, perfect for the rainy season.

Don’t let the rains get you down! Instead, face the drab season head on with rainy day essentials from Daiso Japan, the country’s haven for everything cute and kawaii.


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