Starbucks Espresso Layer Collection and New Lunch Choices

Starbucks has once again amazed me with their new drinks.

Welcome to Espresso Wonderland!

I’m sure your tastebuds will be shaken up as Starbucks redefines your Espresso experience with the new espresso layer collection. Check them out.

TAHITIAN VANILLA MACCHIATO (Short – ₱ 155| Tall – ₱ 165| Grande ₱ 180|Venti– ₱ 195)Imagine velvety steamed milk is infused with floral, Tahitian vanilla syrup before being topped with Starbucks signature espresso, to become the macchiato everyone knows and loves. It is then finished with an authentic crosshatch of vanilla bean sauce and topped with ground vanilla bean pod sprinkles. (Also available in iced and blended formats)

VALENCIA ORANGE COCOA CAPPUCCINO (Short – ₱ 145| Tall – ₱ 155| Grande ₱ 170|Venti– ₱ 185) is made with decadent Valencia Orange Mocha Sauce combined with milk, topped with dense creamy, cappuccino-worthy foam, then layered with affogato-style signature espresso shots, perfectly sweet cocoa powder and tartly-sweet bits of orange peel to add even more flavor. (Also available in iced and blended formats). This one I can’t wait to try!


Available for a limited time is the Starbucks Tribute Blend. This coffee was created to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary. Starbucks Tribute Blend® combines four of our all-time favorite coffees: Ethiopian sun-dried beans with an exotic flourish of dark cherry; Aged Sumatra, loved for its syrupy body and cedary spice notes; juicy, herbal and complex coffees from Papua New Guinea; and our Colombia coffee, bright, balanced and nutty. It’s a delicious blend, perfect for sharing with friends and neighbors, and our way of honoring the communities we live and work in each day.

You can also enjoy this coffee anytime, anywhere with the Starbucks VIA Tribute Blend so you won’t miss out its layers of flavors even on the go.

What’s more, the Starbucks Cold Brew, the slow-steeped and brewed without heat coffee which was previously available only to Starbucks Reserve stores, is now available in all Starbucks stores nationwide.

Starbucks New Lunch Choices

Aside from the newly-launched espresso featured beverages, Starbucks also introduces new lunch items that will surely satisfy your cravings.

Salmon Dill on Multi-grain Bread

Clubhouse on Sourdough Bread

Cheese Steak on Ciabatta Bread

Starbucks also has new Bistro Bowls that will fill you up. These include Cold Soba with Chicken, wherein delicate soba noodles are tossed in savory dressing with crunchy vegetables and chicken flakes

And Sweet Potato Salad, a hearty salad of sweet potato, potato, onion, celery, mixed greens and hard-boiled egg tossed in honey mustard dressing.

These bistro bowls together with a Tall Iced Shaken Tea can be availed at a special bundled price from 10 am to 2pm as part of Starbucks Signature Lunch Pairings.

The Signature Lunch Pairings also include existing lunch favorites – pasta dishes like Spinach Lasagna and Chicken Cannelloni, and baguette sandwiches like Beef Pastrami and Chicken Salad.

Aside from these savory dishes you can enjoy in the store or to-go, Starbucks is also offering new guilt-free snacks which you can munch on.

The Harvest Box Snack Packs are available in three variants: Power Mix, vitamin-fuelled combo of nuts, dried fruit, seeds and a sprinkle of chocolate, We Love Nuts consisting of peanuts, almonds, cashews and Brazil nuts, and Yo Cherry composed of sweet and tart dried cherries, hazelnuts and yogurt balls.

Trying out the new drink and lunch item when I drop by Starbucks this week…

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