Robinsons Supermarket Family Fun Fair Promo

Robinsons Supermarket Family Fun Fair Promo

Robinsons Supermarket Family Fun Fair Promo

Grocery shopping puts me in a zen mode. It completely relaxes me and I could just go in every aisle and check out  each product. I could do it for hours and I could consider it my me time. It is my favorite mommy chore. It is also our favorite way to bond as a family. It’s no secret that we are a family who loves to eat, we love buying ingredients, and discovering food finds at the grocery.

I love going to Robinsons Supermarket when it comes to grocery shopping specially now that Robinsons Town Mall recently opened near where I live (I used to go to the Robinsons Supermarket in Victory Mall or MC Square). They have a vast selection of quality products and well-organized shelves that makes for a nice shopping experience.The store nis always clean, well-lighted, and they always have a variety of fresh produce available.

Another thing  that I love about Robinsons Supermarket is that they encourage health and wellness. As a matter of fact, the first section you’ll see upon entering the store premises is the health and wellness section wherein you’ll find healthy choices such as dried fruits, nuts, olive oil, oatmeals, and multivitamins.

Plus they give lots of discounts and create exciting promos for their loyal customers. This month’s promo will bring families together for some fun family shopping!

Family Fun Fair Promo 2015
Robinsons Supermarket Family Fun Fair Promo

Robinsons Supermarket Family Fun Fair Promo started last August 1, 2015 and will end on September 30, 2015.

With this promo, you’ll get a chance to win awesome prizes such as:

  • 2 Winners of a Trip for 4 to Malaysia
  • 5 Winners of ASUS Zenbook
  • 5 Winners of GoPro Hero 4
  • 5 Winners of New Nintendo 3DS
  • 100 Winners of P5,000 Robinsons Gift Certificates

These are prizes that the family would definitely enjoy!

What are the mechanics for you to be able to join the promo? You simply have to purchase ₱500 worth of participating products and you’ll get a raffle coupon!

Robinsons Supermarket Family Fun Fair Promo

How would you know which are the participating products? Well, they have a special section near the entrance (see first photo above). Participating products on regular shelves have a tab that says Family Fun Fair like this Marca Leon Canola Oil above. (I have a list of all major sponsors at the end of this post.)

What’s nice about this promo is that the participating products are products that you and I use in our daily lives like Ariel, Downy, Baygon, Johnsons’s Baby Powder, Lucky Me Pancit Canton, Alaska Crema, and Century Tuna.

Family Fun fair Shopping was fun with these lovely ladies.

So how would you know you qualified for the raffle? Well, you’ll find this at the bottom of your receipt. It says, “Family Fun Fair Raffle Promo! Claim your raffle coupon/s at the customer service area

You’ll also get a FREE Thermal Bag for a minimum of ₱3,000 worth of purchase inclusive of the ₱500 worth of participating products.

I got a purple thermal bag and 6 raffle coupons! Yay! I’m crossing my fingers and hoping to win that trip for 4 to Malaysia!

Bring the whole family for exciting activities in the following malls:

  • Robinsons Place Manila – August 28-30, 2015
  • Robinsons Place Malolos – September 4-6, 2015
  • Robinsons Place Dumaguete – September 18-20, 2015
  • Shop at Robinsons Supermarket now for some fun family shopping

To give you an idea on the products included in this Family Fun Fair Promo, check this list of MAJOR SPONSORS:

Progress Preschool Gold 1.6KG
Progress Preschool Gold 900G
Lactum 3+ Plain 1.6kg
Lactum 3+ Plain 1.2kg
Lactum 3+ Choco 1.2kg
Lactum 6+ Plain 1.2kg
Lactum 6+ Choco 1.2kg
Enfagrow A+4 / Enfagrow A+ Kid 1.8kg
Enfagrow A+4 / Enfagrow A+ Kid 1.2kg
Similac Gain School 900g
Similac Gain School 1.2kg
Similac Gain School 1.7kg
Pediasure Plus Vanilla 850g
Pediasure Plus Choco 850g
Pediasure Plus Vanilla 1.6kg
Bonakid Preschool Milk 1.2KG
Bonakid Preschool Milk 1.6KG
Aqiva 900G
Nido  Fortigrow 1kg
Nido Fortigrow 900g
Bear Brand 1.2kgBear
Bear Brand 900g
Bear Brand 700g
Bear Brand 320g
Bear Brand Choco 800g
Nido 3+ 1.6kg
Nido 3+ 1.2kg
Nido 3+ 1kg
Nido 3+ 700g
Nido 3+ 370g
Nido 5+ 1.2kg
Nido 5+ 1kg
NAN Kid 4 700g
Ensure Gold Vanilla 850g
Ensure Choco Milk 1kg
Ensure Acti M2 850g
Glucerna SR Milk Powder Vanilla 900g
Nescafe RTD White Mocha
Nesfruta Melon
Maggi Magic Sinigang 22g Original
Nestle Chuckie 180ml
Nestle Chuckie 250ml
Nescafe Classic 100g
Nescafe Decaf 80g
Nescafe 3in1 Creamy White Polybag
Nescafe 3in1 Original Polybag
Nescafe Cappuccino
Coffeemate 450g
Koko Krunch 500g
Johnsons Baby Shampoo Active Fresh 200ml
Johnsons Baby Body Wash Active Fresh 200ml
Johnsons Baby Cologne Regular 125ml
Johnsons Baby Powder Active Fresh 20
Johnsons Baby Skincare Wipes 20s
CDO Ulam Burger with Cheese 228g
Bibbo Cheesedog Chubbies 1kg
Bibbo Super Jumbo 1kg
CDORegular Sweet Ham 250g
CDO Funtastyk Pork Tocino 480g
CDO Funtastyk Pork Tocino 225g
Purefoods Cooked Ham Slice 250g
Purefoods Sweet Ham Sliced 250g
Tender Juicy Cheesedog 1kg

To know more about Robinsons Supermarket follow them at:

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