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Around the world becoming overweight is more and more common but how do we stop this global epidemic without draining all of our willpower?

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Healthy eating doesn’t always have to be difficult if you go about it the right way and you don’t need to feel like you’re denying yourself the best food. A good tip to keep you motivated is to prepare interesting, healthy food so your palette is still getting all the enjoyment. Eating a salad for every meal is a fast track to demotivation so switch it up with healthy alternatives like celeriac mash and zucchini pasta. Making modifications to your usual meals such as these will keep your spirits high as you lose weight without eating boring food.

Baking can be a hobby as well as a delicious way to treat your family and friends, and it doesn’t need to be off the table when you’re dieting. If you enjoy baking and don’t want to miss out while getting trim start using alternative ingredients like almond flour and butter substitutes. The main culprit when it comes to unhealthy baking is sugar but using sweetener can make a big difference to your waist line without changing the taste. There are so many different types of sweetener that you can use and the best ones taste exactly the same as the high calorie alternative. If you prefer a more natural approach you can incorporate more fruit into your baking for some more wholesome fruit sugars.

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If you love to snack and find yourself craving a bar of chocolate around mid-morning be sure to find an alternative way to get your sugar rush. Fruits and nuts are easy to take with you and they’ll slowly release energy through the day, so you don’t get that harsh sugar spike. Food cravings are your brain’s way of telling you that it wants that endorphin rush and denying it can be difficult. The first step to breaking the habit is to snack healthier as your brain will associate a snack with feeling better without the calories. Soon you’ll be able to break the food craving habit all together, which is ideal as you’ll learn when you are and aren’t actually hungry.

Eating healthy is about making small lifestyle changes gradually that you can stick to, there’s no point in cutting out everything at once and then binging on it later. By making these changes in a manageable way you won’t feel as daunted by dieting as it’s not about never having anything bad ever again.

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