A Grand Staycation at City Garden Grand Hotel

City Garden Grand Hotel

We love staycations and when we do, we always prefer ones that are out of town. We either go to nearby Tagaytay or Batangas. It’s rare as the blue moon when we do staycations within Metro Manila specially when we moved into our home last year.

We thought we didn’t need staycations anymore because we already have the comforts of our own home. Was I wrong. It’s also the same reason why we need a quick getaway. Life is too busy and when at home, I am always surrounded by work. The workaholic in me couldn’t take a break because I see work around.

Going out of town takes too much time and effort, so a staycation at City Garden Grand Hotel is the perfect answer to a sort of long time wish of rest and relaxation.

City Garden Grand Hotel

City Garden Grand Hotel is located in Makati. It is nearby malls and restaurants but who needs to go out when everything you need is already inside the hotel.

Knowing some of the hotels within the city, I didn’t know what to expect when we checked in at the City Garden Grand Hotel. I was really surprised when we walked in as the junior suite is quite luxurious boasting of a king bed, a receiving area, and a dining area.

I knew they have the comforts of their guests in mind, specially families, because they have a crib available for babies. I was immediately asked at front desk if I wanted to have a crib for Twinkle and it was provided as we were taken to our room.

City Garden Grand Hotel

Our room had two LED TVs, one at the living area and one inside the bedroom. peanutbutter had the one in the bedroom all to himself and watched the international news while Ykaie called dibs to the one in the living room and positioned herself to watch cartoons.

City Garden Grand Hotel

The dining area.

This is the living area which Ykaie wanted all for herself. I love that the whole room is surrounded by earth colors — cozy, relaxing, and easy on the eyes.

The bathroom is spacious and has a rain water showerhead.

Toiletries are complete from shampoo, bath gels, and soap, to shaving kits, shower cap and body lotions.

We had a late check-in, traffic was heavy despite it being a saturday. We haven’t had lunch yet so we decided on ordering room service. The food came from Spice Cafe from the 7th floor. I had Miso Glazed Gindara, peanutbutter had Hainanese Chicken Rice, and  Ykaie had Grilled Cheese Sandwich. The food was delicious, it wasn’t different but it was just what we need for a late lunch. The portion was big enough to satisfy one’s hunger.

After that late lunch, peanutbutter and Twinkle changed into their Pj’s for an afternoon nap while I accompanied Ykaie for a quick swim at the 32nd floor.

The swimming pool opens up into the sight of the city. Ykaie had a wonderful afternoon swimming!

Dinner that night was at Firefly View Deck, also located on the 32nd floor of the hotel with panoramic view of Manila skyline. They were offering Teppanyaki, Steak, and BBQ that night.

We opted for steaks, Rib Eye and T-Bone. It came with a buffet of salads, rice, soup, breads, and noodles.

The Swimming pool was tempting us with hues of blues and violet that night but it was a bit cold so I didn’t allow Ykaie to take a dip.

Look what I woke up to the next morning….kids who slept like angels! We had breakfast at Spice Cafe down the 7th floor. I’ll share that with you and lunch too on my next posts…

Meanwhile, after breakfast… my lovely daughters together with their awesome daddy took a dip in the pool again! Just kidding, the little one just wore her itty bitty swimsuit for pictorial…. LOL!

See, she changed into her onesie again after photos..hahaha….

Ykaie and daddy ended their swimming time with a few minutes at the jacuzzi…..

It was such a weekend well-spent. Who knew a hotel as luxurious and warm as City Garden Grand Hotel exists in the middle of Makati?

Before checking out, I even saw this promo for an accommodation package which includes a Deluxe Room, Brunch for two, and massage for two only for  ₱6,488!

Will be sharing our sumptuous breakfast and lunch experience at Spice Cafe on my next post. Stay tuned ’cause I have a giveaway too!

To know more about City Garden Grand Hotel, visit the City Garden Grand Hotel Facebook Page or their website http://www.citygardengrandhotel.com/.

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47 Responses

  1. Love the picture of the little one in the infinity pool! Looks like you guys had a lovely time. The currency is one that I am not familiar with so I am not sure if this is expensive or not?

  2. That is an amazing hotel! I would love to stay there. I think it would be such a great vacation if I could stay in a nice hotel like that. I think all hotels need to look this nice!

  3. It looks like you had a ton of fun on your staycation. These are fantastic photos. I love to go on staycations for a little break.

  4. This hotel looks spectacular! I would love to take my family to a place like this to relax and get away for a while. I love the pool and the delicious food they offer.

  5. I love staycations that looks like you had a wonderful time at this hotel. Your family is so beautiful so nice for you to share your pictures of your little ones and your husband thanks for sharing that experience with us.

  6. This is such a fun way to enjoy a staycation! Especially with small kids. Your daughters are too cute! Baby in her little bathing suit is adorable!!

  7. I will take note of this hotel if ever we want to have staycation in Makati. The staycation package is not bad, with massage pa.

  8. The room is perfect of a staycation and the food looks great as well. The pool is awesome, and more exciting thanks to the lovely view of the city! I’m glad you had fun!

  9. Staycation at hotel is love especially this hot weather. Sarap magswim and the hotel looks so nice. Ang cucute pa ng mga babies mo sis.

  10. wow! Periwinkle is so biggie already o! And ate loves her so much. Btw, the place looks really nice! I wish we could visit this place in the future. We’re planning to have a staycation when my husband comes home from KSA. So excited to see him again.

  11. Wow, what a beautiful hotel for a fun family staycation! I love that pool and that kitchen is like home, nothing like other hotel kitchen’s I’ve seen.

  12. Wow, this is in Makati? And I had the initial impression that it’s in Singapore. Nice to see your family having a blast.

  13. Hello, Ms. Peachy.

    I am Gladys from The Manila Times. I would like to invite you for a phone interview regarding City Garden Grand Hotel, just a few questions for my article, if that is okay with you? My story is tentatively slated to come out next week.

    If you have more questions, feel free to contact me at 524-5664 loc. 119.

    Thank you very much, I look forward to hear from you.

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