All Day Breakfast at Ka Tunying’s Cafe

pandesal platter

Remember when we had coffee at Ka Tunying’s Cafe back in October last year? I told you I’d like to go back and try the other things on their menu, right? Well, we finally went back.

Erm, actually, we went back there sometime in early December, I just wasn’t able to blog about it. So here I am now, catching up on all the things I wanna share with you.

Most of the items at Ka Tunying’s menu are breakfast food. That was one of the reasons I wanted to try it — I love breakfast dishes specially SiLogs. Oh, those are my weakness!

So for dinner that one day in December, we had…


This was my order because I remember craving for pork tocino that day. Their version did not disappoint because it was tender, with just the right mixture of sweet and salty. At first I thought, it was brown rice that they served but later realized it was seasoned white rice, that’s why it tasted so good. What’s nice about the egg is that they add a little something to make it like a smiley — in this case a teeny-weeny julienne of bell pepper.

Pandesal Platter

Sis ordered the Pandesal Platter thinking the platter consists of small pandesals that is good for one. Boy, was she wrong! This pandesal platter is good for 2-3 persons because the pandesal is quite big! Each pandesal has different fillings — corned beef, spanish sardines, scrambled egg, and adobo.

Corned Beef SiLog

Ykaie had corned beef and she prefers scrambled egg. The corned beef is topped with fried Kamote chips.


peanutbutter had tapa which is also good.

I can’t remember what this other drink is but I know I had Agimat, cucumber, ginger and calamansi smoothie. Sis had the Fiesta Gulaman.

This is how Twinkle looked that day… chubby chubby cheeks! sarap kurutin!

And this is how we looked… #MayForever.

Sis and Ykaie

Ka Tunying’s Cafe is located at 88 Visayas Ave. Brgy Vasra, Quezon City.

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20 Responses

  1. Looking at the food even after dinner makes me want to eat some more. I miss eating eating tapsilog. I have not eaten any for almost a decade now. Hmmmm…

  2. Wow! All day breakfast, now that is what I am talking about. Looking at all those delicious food makes me starving. I wish I have breakfast like that every morning. It would make my life even more easier.

  3. I bet their foods are really delish! How does their cucumber smoothie? Does it taste good? I looks good so I assume it tastes good too!

  4. I am drooling over here!

    I love the food presentation; very appetizing and inviting. It must be a hit to a lot of diners! I miss eating those kind of food for brekky ????

  5. Ykaie and your baby are so cute sis! And let’s not forget the food on the table hahaha 🙂 I want to try the Agimat and the Corned Beefsilog 🙂

  6. Breakfast is and will always be my all time favorite meal! so I make sure that I eat good food during breakfast and taper down by lunch and dinner unless were eating out so i don’t taper down at all hahaha

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