Tokyo Tokyo Umami Pork Ribs!

Tokyo Tokyo Umami Pork Ribs!

Tokyo Tokyo Umami Pork Ribs!

We are now in the middle of the season of sharing, not only of moments that turn into good memories but sharing and indulging on conversation, emotions, and of course, great food. I, myself, am guilty of indulging this season along with my family. We cook lots of food at home, we eat out most of the time (well, we’re not done with Christmas shopping yet), and we think about what to serve during the holidays.

And just when I thought Tokyo Tokyo couldn’t surprise me… here they are coming out with their own version of pork ribs that’s truly indulgent.

Tokyo Tokyo has come up with pork ribs that’s grilled the Japanese way, and they call it the Umami Pork Ribs.

Tokyo Tokyo Umami Pork Ribs!

Umami is the term for the delicious, meaty and pleasant savory flavors in food which is also commonly referred to as the fifth taste. It is the distinct sensation that is way beyond the four common taste qualities we’re used to – sweet, salty, sou,r and bitter. This umami taste is what makes Tokyo Tokyo’s pork ribs stand out from the usual sweet barbecue rib meal available in the market.

So if you’re tired of the usual american ribs or you’re looking for something different,then you better try Tokyo Tokyo’s Umami Pork Ribs. It will definitely change the way you look at ribs…

Tokyo Tokyo Umami Pork Ribs!

It’s tender and flavorful Japanese marinated pork ribs, cooked in a special Japanese grill bringing out extra flavor. It is made even more Japanese with Tokyo Tokyo’s signature teriyaki sauce, vegetable misono, and unlimited rice.

You may enjoy an ala carte serving for only ₱225 or have a complete meal with soup, dessert, and drink for only ₱280.

According to Carissa Loresca, Tokyo Tokyo Marketing Officer “Innovating new and exciting meals has always been the top priority of Tokyo Tokyo. This Christmas season, we want to add more excitement to their celebrations by giving them a dish they will surely enjoy,

I couldn’t agree more. I enjoyed every fall-off-the-bone bite of the Umami Pork Ribs last week and I am absolutely craving for it now.

To know more about Tokyo Tokyo, log on to or follow TokyoTokyoPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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